Anyone who’s ever had a doggy will know one thing: they get themselves into mischief! Whether it’s eating something they shouldn’t, tearing up a leather couch or simply having a case of the zoomies, our little pooches are a handful at the best of times.

But you never know if their appetite for destruction will land them in a shabby situation, and for this reason it’s important that you choose a policy from one of the best pet insurance companies in the market.

But to ensure this happens you have to ask a few questions first, detailing topics like vet bills, waiting periods, plan coverage and more.

With this in mind, here are five vital questions to ask when picking up your new pooch policy!

  1. What are the waiting periods?

Typical policy providers have waiting periods that begin after you sign, and so it’s important to know these in case you need to take your doggo into the vet but they are not yet covered.

Waiting periods vary from provider to provider, as well as varying between problems, with illness usually taking 14+ days, accidents only taking a few days and specific conditions ranging from 14 days to months after purchasing the plan.

  • What does (& doesn’t) the plan cover?

You want the very best for your furry little friend, and policy providers typically offer multiple options when it comes to which policy you can choose. Each option will, naturally, cover more or less aspects than their counterparts, will certain policies covering a few of the main problems and others providing comprehensive coverage.

Of course, such policies differ in price, so it’s important to choose the option that perfectly harmonises your doggo’s needs with your available budget.

  • Are you looking for wellness care?

Comprehensive policies typically cover extras like heartworm tests, dental care and immunisations, which fall under the general category of “wellness care”. You may not feel the need to purchase a comprehensive plan, but if you envision yourself taking your new doggo in for the occasional dental checkup or a little test here and there then this may be perfect for you.

  • Does it cover prescriptions?

Doggy medication can be – and often is – as expensive as human medication. If your dog were to come down with a chronic condition that required a prescription, then it would be handy to have pet insurance in your corner, ensuring that you aren’t always out of pocket when it comes to buying those imperative meds for your cheeky little doggo!

  • Can I choose the vet?

Certain plans won’t allow you to choose the vet your dog visits as the cost may not be covered in the particular plan. This is where you have to ask yourself: am I happy to pay a little extra to ensure that my doggo sees the very best vet in the business if they need it?

Whilst the vet standards in Australia are typically high wherever you go, there are differences between waiting times and – occasionally – attention given to each pooch, so it’s important to be sure you kn ow which vet will be the right one in case of emergency and whether or not your plan can cover the cost.

  • And, of course, what is your budget?

The age-old question when it comes to most things of importance: “can I afford this particular plan?” Do your sums, check your balance and then decide whether or not the plan is right for you and your doggo.

Either way, you won’t be going wrong with some form of policy in your corner…