What a fantastic decision you have made to relocate to another country. You must have also considered the country you are moving to after researching online and offline. Whether you are moving abroad temporarily or permanently, you still need to arm yourself with essential facts. Consider them as essential preparation tips to guide you through the relocation process. Also, when you are planning to moving Spain prefer Spanish golden visa which is very important.

No matter how prepared you are, it is normal to feel you are missing something out. As a result, this piece will guide you through other essential things to know. 

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Consider these seven things before you move to have a hitch-free relocation experience.

Get your travel documents

The first thing that will give you access to another country, such as when moving from USA to UK, is a visa, a passport, or a work permit. If your intention of moving is to get a job, you must apply for your work permit. 

There are various categories of visas based on your intention of moving. It could be a study visa, business visa, visit visa, nomad visa, etc. Check the requirements for the type of visa you need and if you qualify, get the necessary documents and apply.   

Also, make sure your passport is not expired and not expiring soon, and if there is a need to renew, you should get it settled early. Likewise, there should be a blank page on your passport to be stamped into the country. 

The next thing you will want to do is schedule a date to make a move and book your flight ticket. 

Research on Accommodation

Getting suitable accommodation is one of the most prominent challenges expatriates face when they move abroad. Before moving to the country, it will benefit you to ask questions from other foreigners living in that county. You can find them on expatriate websites or social media platforms. 

Ask for suggestions on the best cities in the country that suit your needs and budget. For instance, a family-oriented area may be your priority, while someone else might prefer easy access to the beach.  

Also, you can consider checking websites where you can get good deals for accommodation. Before you move, it may be better to book temporary accommodation. On your arrival, you can then start house hunting.  

When moving abroad, there are many steps to consider before packing. For example, if you are moving to a new city, you might need to contact service apartment management who will help with this process by contacting your landlord or leasing agent and explaining to them what you need from them in order to make the move easier on yourself.

How to Handle Money Matters

Also, you should make plans on handling your finances when you get to your new destination. If you are relocating permanently, you need to learn the best way to get your money into the new country. Also, you might want to confirm if the banks over there work with the online payment platform you use, if you use anyone.  

Another thing to clarify is how you can make payments from your new country to another country. That is important, especially if you have someone you credit regularly in or out of your country. 


Do not neglect insurance, as it is essential to get yourself, family members, property, and other things covered when planning to move. 

Health insurance is vital because most countries make this an essential requirement. The next is travel insurance, which is also as important as insuring your properties back at home and in your new country. 

Make adequate findings on the best insurance companies in your new country before committing to them. If you can afford life insurance, it is not a bad idea. 


If you have pets and love to move with them, you also need to make adequate plans for this. First, verify the requirements to travel with a pet into the new country. If your pets are allowed to move in, you must prepare your pets before the journey gets closer. Visit the vet and do the necessary things like immunization and health certificates.

Another thing you should not overlook is an appropriate pet carrier. Confirm your airline requirements and policy for this before purchasing one. 

Culture and tax policy

The next important thing you should do is make findings of the culture of the country you are going to, especially if you are going to a different region. For instance, relocating from Europe to Asia or Africa, you will be faced with many supposedly weird cultures. The Asian culture may differ from Europe; hence, get every information about the host country’s culture to avoid stepping on toes or getting into trouble.

It would help if you considered your tax obligations of the new country. Tax policy often differs from one country to another, hence the need to know it before moving. Your tax status will likely change if you earn overseas. Residents and citizens of the US who move to another country will have to pay tax to their home country – the US. 

Learn more about fiscal residency, bilateral tax treaty, and primary abode before you finally decide to travel abroad.

What to move

Finally, you also need to consider what to move and how to move your properties. If you are relocating permanently, you may be moving all or almost all of your belongings. That means you will need an international moving company to review and inform you how to help.

If your travel plan is a temporary one, you should list the necessary stuff to cut costs. Don’t forget that airlines have different luggage limits for each passenger. Confirm from your airline and pack accordingly. 


Make your travel overseas as smooth as possible by making a checklist with a fixed date. Creating a time frame for each of the processes in your travel plan will not only save you time but make the transition easier. 

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