Fabulous Glow Up

Skincare is constantly evolving. With the demand for products that suit more skin types, have more benefits and are effective, companies have looked continuously at different ingredients that can provide your skin with the nutrition it needs.

One of the new ingredients that are now being used is probiotics. Nowadays, probiotic skincare products like probiotic body wash have taken over the skincare market and sparked public interest.

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are known as live bacteria that are good for your body, especially the digestive system. They are classified as good bacteria because they keep your digestive tract healthy. Probiotics are usually found in food like yogurt and dietary supplements. 

Microbes like probiotics have been used in the skincare world for the past few years. This is why skincare lines have since incorporated good bacteria into their products. According to experts, probiotics in skincare products help maintain the balance of good and bad bacteria on the skin, lowering the chances of developing skin problems and diseases like acne or eczema.

Therefore, probiotics in different products for your skin help improve its microbiome.

Probiotic products that you should use for your skin

In the past years, skincare companies have developed different products that help prevent skin issues.

  • Probiotic moisturizers. Moisturizer in itself replenishes the moisture that your skin needs, especially before you sleep. In addition, it helps lessen the effects of the lack of sleep as it assists in skin rejuvenation at night during your sleep.

Probiotic moisturizers contain Lactococcus ferment lysate, a probiotic that reinforces your skin to promote hydration and cellular turnover to achieve glowing skin. Probiotic moisturizers also contain hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and coconut water to help your skin regenerate further.

  • Probiotic cleansers. After a long day outside, it is essential to clear your skin from any pollutants and makeup that you may have applied. Cleansers are meant to be rubbed on your skin and should be gentle when used.

Cleansers infused with probiotics help replenish the good microbes you just stripped off. Some cleansers also contain natural ingredients that help with skin hydration while breaking down excess oils.

  • Probiotic eye creams. It is helpful to apply eye cream before you sleep to reduce the puffiness in your eyes when you wake up. Also, it is beneficial when you have to start your day early.

The probiotics component combined with the primary function of the eye cream can make your skin look brighter and more glowing. In addition, you can easily prevent dark circles from forming under your eyes, especially with the help of probiotics in the eye cream.

  • Probiotic face masks. People have turned to face masks not only for their cooling and relaxing effect on the skin, but it also produces noticeably hydrated skin after constant use. As a result, companies have developed face masks with ingredients like snail mucus, aloe vera, and even bird saliva.

It is no question that probiotic sheet masks have been developed as probiotics are well-known for supplying good bacteria to the body.

  • Probiotic body washes. As long as your dermatologist approves, a probiotic body wash is an excellent solution for different skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, or just dry skin in general. Probiotics are effective agents in maintaining the balance between good and bad bacteria on your skin.

If your skin has problematic areas other than your face, it would be best to try out probiotic body washes, as long as your doctor approves.

Probiotics are beneficial for your body, and they can be used for purposes other than keeping our digestive tract healthy. That is why you should try out skincare products that contain probiotics so that your skin can also receive the benefits of good bacteria.