In today’s world traveling of people from one place to another is common. Many people often go from one country to another country.  Every country has its specific language and when people travel from one country to another they might find difficulty in interacting or communicating.

The same is the problem with Arabic people when they move from their country to some other country. The translation is the way of communication. Its need is increasing day by day with the increase in trade, technology, and science, etc. It is the best way to exchange one other culture.  

In translation, we change the meaning of the word. The translation is used in politics as many presidents of different countries are exchange their words. They exchange their cultures and point of view through translation. As no one is capable of learning every language so the translation is used for this purpose.

Translating Urdu to English and other languages of translation might be easy but translating English to Arabic is a difficult task. The following problems occur when you are translating English to Arabic:

Word-for-word translation:

It is the type of translation in which each word is translated. Yours has to translate every source of language and words into the target language.

Translating English to Arabic is very difficult when it comes to a word-for-word translation. The Arabic language has different rules and its translation is very difficult. Sometimes the meaning of the words also changes.

Syntactic problem:

There is also a syntactic problem when it comes to the translation of English to Arabic. As these two languages belong to two different families. The English language has a subject, verb, and object but this type of structure is not available in every language. English has many tenses but in Arabic, the past and present tense is treated as simple tense.

Semantic problems:

Translators usually face problems here and especially the students. This is the kind of problem in which a word, sentence, or phrase cannot be understood directly. Sometimes phrases are misunderstood and they are hard to understand.


The translation of metaphors involves translation SL metaphor to TL metaphor. It is very problematic and difficult. In metaphor, you want to say something but it means something else. When it comes to translation of the Arabic language they are hard to translate. They are very problematic and sometimes they are even not translated.

English is used worldwide and people are keen to learn it for their trades and other social things. The Arabic language is only spoken in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and some other countries. Its translation is very hard for an ordinary person.

Free translation:

In this, we usually focus on the grammar side. This type of translation is very used on the international level. You have to focus on the grammar when it comes to the translation of English to Arabic. Translation is the way of expanding language. Translation has helped many people to cope with the difficulties that presidents have felt in earlier ages.

Monosomy words:

Monosomy words are difficult to understand. As they have only specific words. They are standardized words and their translation is hard to do.


Some translation must be done urgently especially when you are sitting with the two presidents and you have to answer quickly. Arabic translation is difficult to do and it required specialized and trained people to translate it.

The western- Eastern language gap:

When it comes to the translation you must be quick. It is a tricky and difficult way because you are translating one language to another and they also do not share the same alphabets and pronunciation. The whole structures are different but you must learn the basic thing in Arabic the language which will help you a lot.

Missing cult

Missing term is a big issue faced by many translators. Sometimes words or phrases are missed and it is hard for us to complete the sentence. English is a vast language but when it comes to translating it, it becomes difficult for us.

Several meanings of one word:

In the English language, many words have different meanings and they are used according to the sentence. Sometimes some words have similar pronunciation and spelling but have different meanings. Translation of such words is also difficult to understand.

There are some words which translation is very difficult such as in kitchen appliances electric hand mixers is hard to be translated to the Arabic language. Many translators feel these types of difficulties while translating. Nowadays many apps have been publishing which has helped a lot of people especially those who travel worldwide. They say the phrase or sentence in their language and the app translates it into the other language.  The translation is the best way of expressing your point of view with others.