Project Management Facts, & How the Primavera

If you’re currently working on a major project, whether it’s a residential or commercial development, or something that’s oil and gas or energy-related, what are you and your team doing to make sure that the project gets finished on time, and on budget? Well, I’m sure all of you are adhering to the principles of project management! Here’s a peek at a few of the most crucial project management facts, and how getting adequate primavera p6 training can make this job a breeze somehow.

The Basics of Project Management

According to experts, the very basics of project management are as follows – A project is a temporary endeavor or activity with a defined start and end (which is usually time-constrained, and often constrained by deliverables or budget).

A project is also something that a company or organization takes to meet unique objectives or goals, most often to bring about beneficial change, or to add value. The main challenge of managing projects is to achieve all the project objectives while meeting or honoring the pre-defined constraints.

Among the primary constraints include time, scope, quality and budget among others. The secondary (yet most ambitious) challenge of project management is to optimize the allocation of the required inputs, and integrate or incorporate them to meet the pre-defined goals.

For a project to succeed, the following principles of managing projects are necessary, especially when charting a path to completion. These principles of managing projects can also be applied to any level or branch of a project which falls under a different area of responsibility in the organization.

These include project structure, definition phase, clear goals, transparency about project status, risk recognition, managing project disturbances, and responsibility of the project manager and project success.

And, to make your project management adventure or journey less stressful, and more fun, it would be best to get adequate primavera p6 training from a certified instructor and/or training center.

The Responsibilities of Project Managers

A project manager has various responsibilities and tasks. Foremost among these includes developing the project plan with the team, and managing the team’s performance of project tasks.

A project manager is also responsible for securing acceptance and approval of all the deliverables from the project sponsor, client and stakeholders. The project manager is also responsible for communication, which also includes status reporting, risk management and escalation of issues which cannot be resolved in the team. They also help ensure that the project is delivered within budget, on schedule and within scope.

Project managers, regardless of whatever scope and size they’re managing, should possess the following attributes or characteristics (along with other project related responsibilities): Knowledge of technology in relation to project products, understanding management concepts, interpersonal skills for clear communication, and the ability to see the project as an open system, as well as understand the external-internal interactions.

Transparency About Project Status, Risk Recognition & Managing Disturbances

In effectively managing projects, your flowcharts, structure plan and milestone plan are very useful tools to help you and your team stay on track. For project managers, they should be able to present a brief report about the status of the project to their principal or stakeholders at each and every stage.

At such meetings, the project managers should also be bale to provide overviews about the expenses, timelines and achieved or yet-to-achieve milestones. When it comes to risk recognition, it’s the duty of project managers to evaluate all risks regularly.

The project manager should come into every project with the knowledge that all projects come with a wide array of risks, and this is normal. Thus, project managers should always keep in mind that their project is a unique endeavor with strict goals or parameters that concern costs, appointments and performance. The sooner you identify all these ricks, the sooner will you be able to address any negative developments.

When it comes to managing any or all types of project disturbances, it is not very likely that you will have enough personal capacity to identify and tackle each and every risk that may occur. 

Instead, it would be better to work to identify the major risks and develop specific strategies to avoid them.  Even if you consider yourself a visionary, you still should rely on your skill set, knowledge and instincts in order to react quickly and productively when something goes awry. And of course to make it much easier to handle each and every risk that pops up, I strongly suggest that you get professional primavera p6 training!

The Many Advantages of Using the Primavera P6

Now, let’s look at how the Oracle Primavera P6 can make life much better for project managers and their personnel. For starters, the software is quite user friendly, as it allows you to carry out every stage of the project process efficiently.

Whether it’s planning or scheduling, the Primavera P6 can help you with ease. Even if you’re in a junior manager role, the job becomes less complex because once you get your base strong, navigating the software’s menus and options becomes easier with use.

Second, the Primavera P6 is also easy to collaborate. Apart from planning and execution, project execution also needs to be coordinated by hundreds, or even thousands of people. Responsibilities are also shared down to different sections of employees. 

However, by using the Primavera P6, every member of the project team will be given the option to set up their personalized schedule, create requests and submit their work despite their location. The tool also allows them to rectify errors, and prevent risks by bringing together the whole team, and get everyone back on track.

The Primavera P6 also helps everyone in the project team moderate the funds by tracking each and every expenditure. This helps to ensure that the project does not end up costing more than expected!

So, make sure your project stays on track, on budget and within the desired timeline, by getting comprehensive primavera p6 training now!