It is an essential part of your home maintenance to keep the gutters clean so they don’t get clogged. If the gutters in your home get clocked then it will not only cause damage to the roof of your home but also do the foundation and landscaping. Periodically you need to clean out the gutters from time to time and it is necessary for your home maintenance. There are different types of gutter screening and covering available some of them are wire brushes and others are full covers. You can choose the one depending upon your needs and requirements but all of them have their benefits and disadvantages.

In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of gutter guards. So keep on reading to find out more information below on gutter guard installation to make your decision simple.

 1. Full Covers

If you go for the option of a full cover then you will get a proprietary system because they have a patent design. The advantage of using this one is that it is completely covered and no dirt particles will be able to enter inside. It is great if there is light rain going on and you will be able to manage the water easily outside your home. But the disadvantage of this option is that if anyone else is going to work on these gutters then it is going to void the warranty.

 2. Wire Brushes

Wire brushes are another popular option because they are super easy to install and you can easily remove them whenever you want. You can use these covers in the existing gutter than your home as well and they will take up space and no particles will be able to enter inside. Another benefit is that the water can pass easily and does no will also melt during the winter season.

On the other hand, the disadvantage of using this option is that some build-up will be seen on the brushes after some time independent of the water drainage process. You need to remove these brushes from time to time and clean them for maintenance. If there is a wind storm then the brushes can even blow out of the gutter!

 3. Gutter Screens

An option of a gutter screen is also available and it will be on the top as an attachment. Different styles and materials are available in this one but all of them are going to provide the same function. The benefit of using this one is that it is not expensive and you can easily install it in your home. There is no need to get another gutter system in your home because it will easily adjust to the one that you already have in your home. However, the disadvantage is that the dot particles will collect on the screen, and sometimes they can block the water from raining properly. You need to attach the mechanically because if you don’t do that then the gutter screen will dislocate during a heavy wind storm