Proven PR Tactics of All Time to Leverage Your Next New Product Launch

Are you planning a new product launch this summer? If yes, certainly, you need a smart PR plan of action that communicates to the audience about your venture. Without any doubt, with so many possibilities nowadays than ever before, things have turned out to be quite overwhelming, especially when it comes to going for powerful product launch marketing tactics. 

Where one can also use the traditional methods, still, experts recommend going the easier and highly successful way, and that is none other than online marketing. So, today, we have put together here a series of ways that can help you leverage your PR with some Kickstarter advertising or other plans. So, let’s get started with knowing how you can make your next product/service a huge success in the marketplace. 

Press Releases 

Most likely, Press Releases have been one of the most favored developments used to release a new product or start a business service. Gone are the days when it used to be done traditionally, as now it is done online. Creative and professionally designed press releases by PR agencies that meet the latest industry trends and formats, including the location, date, and contact details, are a perfect way to begin with. Context and rich media should also be considered important as it helps gain useful SEO impressions and the value of your product/service information. 

Joint Ventures and Partnerships

Now, let’s explain this through a quick illustration. If you serve SMO services, you may have to coolaborate with a website design and development agency sooner or later. The agency will get you a cool and context-rich website mentioning all the services offered in this situation. This turns out to be a package deal that benefits both the client and the company in the long run. For example, if you practice introducing a wellness diet plan or a nutritional supplement, you could team up with someone who practices in fitness or exercise programs. 


Another successful way to achieve publicity that most probably every public relations agency in Los Angeles suggests is the giveaways and sharing product samples. We see the same on Instagram and Facebook-like channels how successful entrepreneurs and influencers promote products and services with their large pool of audience. This idea works for the best brands with a new product launch related to health, food, fashion, and beauty. 

If you don’t wish to share free samples, you can share some promo codes or coupons. Or else, you can make a few purchases with free delivery for your customers. Lastly, free trial memberships are always admired by clients. So, make sure to give it a shot too. 

Videos and Live Events

Another product launch marketing tactic that does wonders is video marketing. Undoubtedly, videos can benefit your Kickstarter campaign in several ways. For instance, creating slideshow presentations, hiring influencers or industry experts for a quick speech, or making a quick appearance in the video yourself can be the most outrageous marketing technique one can follow. In addition, these created videos can be posted on your business website, social media, or personal blog. Finally, we have to mention that videos give a projection to your marketing strategy while helping you reach a large pool of audiences further. 

Besides this, hosting live events also brings in a range of possibilities like charity events, trade shows, and publicity stunts. So, don’t overlook the importance of them amongst your PR strategies. 

In the end, what matters is to launch your business service or product with these smart PR tactics. However, this can only be done successfully when you will have a reliable PR agency by your side. So how do you leverage the influence of your new product launch campaign? Let us know in the comments; we’d love to hear from you.