Learn About Mental Illness And Consult A Psychologist in Jaipur Now

People often don’t talk about mental troubles or take it seriously rather they make fun of the individual who is in trouble because of it and isolate them. Sometimes people unknowingly hurt someone who is mentally depressed that results in a very dangerous situation. If anyone is in depression or mentally ill then he/she should definitely talk to the best psychologist or psychiatrist in Jaipur about it. A patient of mental disorder required great support and proper guidance in order to recover from their pain and be joyful again.

Mental health problems cause various types of disorders and diseases which can be harmful to the person as well as to others. India is a vast country where people are equally sensitive about a small thing and get upset easily over it. Moreover, children & teenagers are mainly the victims of this disease, which also gain the rates of suicides in India due to depression or any other mental disorder.

Psychologist in Jaipur for mental problems

Psychologist in Jaipur for mental problems

Jaipur is a city in India where many children and adults were found suffering from mental disorders. Dr Sanjay Jain, who is the founder of Jain Neuropsychiatry and Deaddiction Clinic and a well-known psychologist in Jaipur. Has cured many patients in his medical journey of 13 years. He have finished MBBS/MD in Psychiatry from SMS Medical College and Hospital, Jaipur. He did numerous studies on psychiatric disorders and was one of the members of international research projects in Singapore with Bracket Neurosciences, Pennsylvania, USA. This psychologist in Jaipur also got listed in 2020 best psychiatrists by threebestrated.com. Treating patients with a calm nature and optimal medications is a key theory of this psychologist in Jaipur. 

What is Mental Illness?

Mental Illness is a sickness/health problems including the behaviour changes, changes in thinking, or can be the combination of both. Mental health problems mainly arise due to troubles in school or college, offices, relationships, sex life, etc. There is no particular age of getting affected by mental disease, it mostly arises at age of 20 to 24. Mental illnesses are not the disease for which one should be embarrassed, it is curable like any other disease. Several treatments are available to understand the mental conditions of a person and how a human mind operates.

Symptoms of Mental Disorder

  • Feeling low emotionally or physically
  • Trouble in interacting with people at social events or at home.
  • Intense mood swings
  • Disinterest, in reality, hallucinations or paranoia
  • The problem in sleeping, or low energy issues
  • Variations in eating habits
  • Thinking of suicide
  • Feel angry all the time
  • Confusion or concentration issues
  • Guilty feeling or extreme worries
  • Changes in sexual interactions
  • Difficulty with drug use or alcohol

Types of Mental Health Problems

  • Anger
  • Anxiety And Panic Attacks
  • Bipolar Disorders
  • Depression
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders
  • Personality Disorders
  • Phobias
  • Schizophrenia
  • Sleeping Disorders
  • Trauma

Treatment of Mental Problems

The best treatment for mental problems is psychotherapy, thus one person who feels mentally depressed should immediately see a psychologist. Thus this psychologist in Jaipur takes different sessions with the patients to understand their behavior and mental conditions, Medicines are also provided to the patients however it is not the total cure for the mental issues but it may help patients. This treatment also takes time according to an individual’s condition and improvement ratio. In the worst cases, patients are sometimes hospitalized to watch their behavior and the progress of their treatment.

Different Services Provided by Psychologist in Jaipur

The services which are provided in Jain Neuropsychiatry and Deaddiction Clinic by a psychologist in Jaipur i.e. Dr Sanjay Jain is General Psychiatry which includes treatments for depression, anxiety, panic attacks, bipolar disorder, etc. He also provide treatment for Substance Abuse Disorder such as alcohol abuse, smoking, cannabis abuse, internet obsession, etc. Along with this, a he also cures people suffering from Sexual Problems like pe, ed, low sexual desire, & etc.

Success Rates

In most cases, success rates are measured through the number of people cured, but in this scenario success totally depends upon if a patient is improving in his/her mental condition or not. The psychologist in Jaipur also claims that a person’s interaction with a psychologist is a better option than that of a medication as it liberates the pain and the patient feels relief. However, it carries off in decreasing the rates of mental health problems and increasing the success ratio of mental therapy. 

Feedbacks of the patients

A patient of psychological disorder, Mr Shubham Dogra says” I want to convey my appreciation and satisfaction which I faced during my visit to a psychologist in Jaipur, Dr Sanjay Jain. He is highly trained, calm, polite, and as well as professional with his work. I had many conversations with him, thanks for his understanding and wish to answer my questions. He listens to every aspect very carefully and gives time to his patients, talking to him feels like talking to a friend. It was a great experience for me to discuss my problems with him and the medicines he prescribed were absolutely good as it worked for me. A special thanks to him and I would recommend him to everyone I know”.

Address of psychologist in Jaipur

Jain Neuropsychiatry and Deaddiction Clinic are placed centrally in the city and the exact location is 31, Mangal Vihar, Near Ridhi Sidhi Chauraha, Gopalpura Byepass Rd, Jaipur. This clinic is convenient for everyone as it is connected through every means of transport which are available throughout the city. This psychologist in Jaipur has started an online consultation process where patients can share their problems with the doctor over chats or video calls. If someone is willing to visit the clinic then they should book their appointments online by going on their website or calling on 9828899902. Also, the working hours of the doctor are Mon-Sat from 9:30 am to 1 pm in the morning and 5 pm to 8 pm in the evening.

Health problems related to mind are mostly ignored and that when one falls into a bad situation. If a person feels the symptoms or senses it in others then they should probably talk to their relatives or go straight to a psychiatrist this will help in the betterment of condition.