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When you are seeking that perfect finish for your new kitchen countertops near Lima, you may have seen a gorgeous piece of quartzite. However, you haven’t heard of this type of natural stone. Will it deliver the long-lasting performance you need while maintaining that lustrous appearance? The answer is likely yes to all your questions.

Quartzite is Able to Withstand Decades of Daily Use

Quartzite is a natural stone, much like slabs used for granite countertops. It begins life as sandstone, which is then subjected to extreme heat and pressure, turning it into quartz with inclusions of other types of stone. When sliced from the mountain face, the slab becomes a unique piece of art destined for your countertops. Like other stones, it will stand up to plenty of abuse. You can expect quartzite countertops to last as long as your Lima, OH kitchen.

It is not the same material as quartz countertops. Quartz is a manmade material constructed out of quartz sand and resin.

Discover a Wide Range of Color and Textures

Quartzite slabs are quarried throughout the world, resulting in a plethora of options for your kitchen countertops. You are not restricted to shades of white, gray, and brown. Expand your vision for your kitchen when you find a slab of Golden Wood quartzite, rich in a range of rusty orange and black swirls. Develop a water-themed design with Azul Macaubus that features rich blue accents among its creamy background. Bring a little of the jungle into your home with the jade greens found in Amazonite. Of course, if a classic white kitchen is in your dreams, accent its form with the sharp contrasts of Pietra Nero in bold black.

As with every slab of granite and quartzite, no two are ever the same. Your options are truly endless.

How Does the Mohs Scale Affect which Stone You Choose?

You have heard that quartzite runs at about a 7 on the Mohs or measurement-of-hardness scale. Granite slabs often test between 5 and 6.5 on the Mohs scale. This means that it is easier to scratch granite and quartz countertops.  Ultimately, it will be your heart that decides which stone will provide the canvas for your kitchen upgrade.

Experience the Slab In-Person Before You Decide

The experts at Legacy Marble & Granite, who install countertops throughout the Lima, OH area, always encourage customers to come into their showroom and touch the available slabs of quartzite in person. The natural variations, veining, flecks of quartz, and overall impact simply cannot be experienced online or by taking home a small sample. Touching the full slab often makes the final decision for homeowners when you fall in love with the movement, color, and appeal of the piece.

For homeowners searching for unique options to ordinary quartz countertops in Lima, Legacy Marble & Granite encourages you to take a short drive out to their Findlay, OH location. You will have the opportunity to compare full slabs of quartzite, granite, and quartz side by side under natural lighting so that you make the perfect choice for your ultimate kitchen renovation.