Questions to ask a criminal defense attorney

If you have been charged with a crime, having a criminal defense lawyer may make all the difference in how your case goes and how it ends. But not every lawyer may be right for you and your situation.

It’s important to ask the right questions to determine if the lawyer you want to hire can help you get a good result. Here are the first questions you should ask a criminal defense attorney when meeting them.

Q1.How long have you been a lawyer and practicing?

When representing a client in a criminal case, having a lot of experience is important. Having a lawyer who has been in business for a long time and has helped many clients win their cases is good. An experienced lawyer can give you the correct information about what to expect at each step of the legal process. They will also be able to predict the strategies or actions of the prosecutor, which they may use to help you build a strong case. 

A criminal defense attorney should not only have a lot of years of experience but also have the right kinds of experience and be a specialist in something. For example, in addition to their normal work, many lawyers protect their clients in criminal cases. You should ensure your lawyer knows much about criminal law and can give your case their full attention. 

Q2.What kind of schooling and work skills do you have?

You want to ensure that your lawyer has the right education and experience, just like you would want if you hired someone to do a job. You may get a better idea of your lawyer’s trustworthiness if you ask questions like, “What law school did you graduate from?” and “What bar associations or other professional groups do you belong to?”

Q3.Have you dealt with situations like mine before?

It is important to find a lawyer who has worked on many cases and knows much about the charges you are facing. You can save time and money by hiring a lawyer with experience helping people with similar charges. You’ll probably also get a better result overall. You might also want to ask about criminal defense attorneys and similar cases that have been tried and have a positive result.

Q4.How often do things work out for you?

Ensure your lawyer has experience working with clients in situations like yours. You also want a lawyer with a good chance of getting you a good result. Even though every case and client is different, you should hire a lawyer with a good track record of getting good results for their customers. So, always look for attorneys who have won a maximum of the cases assigned to them.

Q5.Do you have any recommendations from customers that I could read?

Very skilled lawyers don’t always ask for recommendations from their clients, but if you can access them, testimonials can be a good way to find out what real clients have to say about possible hires. Most lawyers whose clients are happy will have a lot of written recommendations for you to look through while you’re there. 


When choosing a criminal defense attorney, you are investing money and faith. So, you should consider many questions and factors, but the ones mentioned above are just a few of the most important ones. You can ask various other questions to understand the attorney’s services and performance better.