QuickBooks has drastically changed the way people see accounting software. It provides some top-notch features that make it one of the most used and loved accounting applications. Even though it has some great features, there is still scope for improvement. With Quickbooks installed on the desktop, you may have to face some limitations like costly infrastructure, workstation rigidity, or less security of your system. 

Fortunately, there is a way to overcome these issues, and the solution is to employ Quickbooks hosting. These third-party service providers host the Quickbooks application on the cloud for you and charge you for the same. The cost of hosting is nominal, especially when you compare it to the hardware price to set up Quickbooks. Other than this, you will be able to access Quickbooks anywhere, anytime via the internet. You can choose for yourself which version of Quickbooks hosting you want. You can choose Quickbooks pro cloud hosting, Quickbooks premier cloud hosting, Quickbooks enterprise hosting depending upon the need of your business. 

You can indeed overcome a lot of limitations of Quickbooks desktop with Quickbooks hosting. In this post, we have discussed the same. Keep reading.

6 Limitations of Quickbooks Desktop that Quickbooks Hosting Can Overcome

Workplace Rigidity

While using the Quickbooks application on the desktop, you will have to provide different systems to your employees to work on the software. Other than this, if you do not have your system with you for a moment, you will not be able to provide the required services to your client. 
But, with Quickbooks hosting, these limitations can be resolved. The workplace has become mobile. You can access your Quickbooks account online and also, anytime, anywhere. Even if you are on a trip, you can work if you wish to. All you require is just a fast internet connectivity. Moreover, your employees can also use their systems and work from home efficiently. 

Security Measures

With a Quickbooks application hosted on the remote system, the confidentiality of your clients’ data is somewhere sacrificed. Storing all your data on the desktop can be harmful, and anyone can access it easily. If you use Quickbooks, you would know how important it is to secure the client’s data, but you may not provide them with the security they need with Quickbooks desktop. 

On the other hand, Quickbooks hosting can provide you with a better degree of security. All the data is hosted on the cloud, so not everyone can easily access it. Also, a backup of data is created, so you do not lose it.

Data Backup

Other than helping the clients with accounting activities, accountants may have to help them analyze their business or analyze the company’s fiscal trend. For this, you will have to study the previous company data. At this time, data is undoubtedly essential for you. But, if you do not have a backup, what will you do. With Quickbooks desktop, the backup is also saved on the desktop. If some issue occurs with your system, and you lose the data, you will lose the backup as well. 

With Quickbooks hosting, you get the automatic data backup, no matter if you choose Quickbooks pro cloud hosting or premier one. This will help you to create a backup of all your data on the cloud. You can then quickly restore it whenever you want. 

Infrastructure Cost

Another limitation of Quickbooks desktop is that you need to spend a lot on the IT infrastructure. It would help if you got the IT infrastructure for everyone who is using Quickbooks in your firm. If your employees have to work from home, it is not feasible for everyone to get their own IT infrastructure. This indeed adds a lot of cost to your budget. 
With Quickbooks hosting, you can perform the tasks on the cloud. Even if your employees are working from home, they do not have to set up a complete IT infrastructure. They can do it on their systems as the data is available on the cloud. Other than this, if they face any issue while using the application, they can seek help from the support team.


Sometimes you may have to adjust your staff according to the workload of your company. When you have a high workload, you will have to hire an accountant for some time. You will have to arrange the complete setup for the newly joined employee for the entire time. This will add to the cost of operation and, at the same time, decrease the scope of business growth. 
Other than this, if you wish to make any changes in Quickbooks hosting, you will have to communicate with your service provider, and they will do that for you within few minutes. 

Ease of Use

Using Quickbooks desktop is a lengthy process. You have to set it up on your system first. That may take a lot of your time, especially when you are a beginner. But, you can use Quickbooks hosting anywhere, anytime according to your need. The complete setup is performed by the service provider only. You do not need to set it up on your own. 

To Conclude

Indeed, Quickbooks hosting is better than Quickbooks desktop. All these were some benefits of Quickbooks hosting as compared to Quickbooks desktop. Everything can be managed or stored easily on the cloud. Therefore, it’s surely worth switching to Quickbooks cloud hosting rather than desktop.