In Red Dead Redemption 2 , in addition to the legendary Tatanka bison, the legendary white bison is one of the largest animals that players can hunt in the game. These two legendary bison are very different from the common American bison and can use their body Partially crafted items are also different . The Legendary White Bison in Red Dead Redemption 2 is the first Legendary animal you should try hunting , because from Chapter 2 onwards, you can visit the area where it lives. The following editor will bring you the location and hunting of the legendary bison RDR2. If you want to know more about the legendary bison rdr2 and related content, please visit .

1. Introduction of RDR2 Legendary White Bison :

Legend has it that the white bison is endemic to the mountains north of Ambarino and can be distinguished from other bison by the color of the albino bison’s hair . Because of the legendary White Bison’s size, high-impact weapons are the best choice for hunting it. The ideal weapon is a bow with improved arrows or a long-range rifle, and after killing the legendary white bison , you can craft a rare amulet.

2. RDR2 Legendary White Bison Location :

end of Lake Isabella, the westernmost part of Ambarino , generally a little west of Line A on the map .

Recommended weapons and ammunition for hunting the legendary White Bison :

Springfield Rifle: The largest shotgun in the game, it can shoot down large animals with ease, using a hollow round to ensure a one-shot knockout.

4. Legendary White Bison Hunting Guide:

1. First start tracking the legendary white bison by looking for two clues on the north shore of Lake Isabela , near the water, you will find some bison fur, and if you go to check the island in the middle of the lake, you can see some bison dung.

2. Once you examine the buffalo dung, you will find the legend that the white buffalo will move southeast, keep following the hinted path, and you will find the last clue broken next to a smaller rock. Then follow the clues to the northwest, and you can see the white legendary bison in the forest.

3. Use the recommended weapon Springfield Rifle to shoot the Legendary White Bison , because the Legendary White Bison is very big, so you need more than one headshot, you can use the Dead Eye skill and aim at the head of the Legendary White Bison, You can also take some supplements for better hunting of the legendary white bison.

4. After finally killing the White Bison , skin it to get Legendary White Bison Hide and Legendary White Bison Horn, which can be used to craft very useful items.

5. Items that can be made after killing the White Bison :

Legendary White Bison Hide can be sold to Trapper for money and crafting decorative gear, the following are the costumes that can be crafted :

Legendary White Bison Hat: Made with Legendary White Bison Hide and $45

Legendary White Bison Coat: Made with Legendary White Bison Hide and $129

after collecting the legendary bison horn , you can visit the fence to make the bison horn amulet. This amulet also requires an abalone shell fragment and a silver earring to make . Finally, you need to pay $38.5 to the fence for this amulet , bison horn The Amulet permanently reduces the consumption of Stamina Cores by 10%.

The above is the location and hunting of the legendary bison RDR2. You can share how you killed the legendary bison in the comment area. If you want to know more about the legendary bison rdr2, please pay attention to , they will also bring you Red Dead Redemption 2 tips and how-to guide articles, check them out!