Watching your kitten moving around the home may be heart-warming, but taking care of her can get overwhelming. The list begins with feeding, grooming, playing, cleaning the litter box, training, and goes on endlessly. While the rest of the activities seem pretty straightforward, cat parents may have some questions about cat litter, especially the new ones.

As a feline parent, you must know cats are creatures who love to be clean. So, if you don’t clean up the litter box regularly, she may not even use it again. Either your kitty will find a brand-new place to do her business or hold it tight and end up suffering from a urinary tract infection or kidney issues.

In such a case, you will need pet insurance for cats so your munchkin is covered for treatment. This will benefit you greatly for your cat’s future regular and critical medical care too. Purchase cat insurance to help  yourself source the best medical help for your fluffy friend at home. Have a medical backup but follow these tips on the cat litter box to keep your pet kitten out of harm’s way.

Things to do!

#1 Clear the litter box every day.

If you don’t scoop out the faeces from the litter box daily, it will indeed smell bad. You can neither walk around that place nor will your kitty use it again. Make sure you discard the contents using a bag regularly (about twice or thrice a week), so your cat stays hygienic.

#2 Frequency of cleaning.

The greater the number of feline pets at home, the more often you have to clean the litter box. Your cleaning work scales up if there are multiple litter boxes scattered in various areas inside your home.

#3 Refilling the box.

Some cat parents believe adding more and more litter to the kitty’s litter box means fewer cleaning hassles. In reality, many kitties don’t use containers that are overfilled with litter. The best thing you can do is fill the box with the fresh litter until it is about 3 inches deep, so there is little litter for your kitty to mess around with.

#4 Have an extra box.

Make sure every kitty in your home has her litter box with one additional box that comes to any of your kitties’ rescue when they want to use it urgently.

Things not to do!

#1 Using toxic chemicals for cleaning.

Use a mild soap to clean the litter box. Discard products that contain ammonia from your shopping cart. Your kitty finds them repelling, and they are hazardous to your kitty’s health too.

#2 Don’t place it in a busy area.

Your kitty may not find a litter box placed in a noisy area too inviting. She may try her best to stay away from the box because of noises. Keep her box in a relatively quiet place in the house and make sure it is accessible when she wants to use it. You may as well keep it in your bathroom and leave the door open so your furry royalty can walk in anytime.

#3 Don’t discard it in the garden or flush it down the toilet.

Feline faeces may contain harmful bacteria and viruses. So please don’t mix it up with your garden compost or bury it in your lawn. It isn’t safe to flush it down the toilet either.

Knowing what to do and what not to do helps you manage your kitty’s litter box. Pet parents must always focus on the wellbeing of the entire household, including their fluffy pal. Otherwise, your cat may suffer from severe illnesses due to your negligence. Have pet insurance for cats to support your pet’s health. With cat insurance, your kitty can avail of top-notch medical care in the event of accidents, illnesses, and health emergencies.