Yahoo Mail app not working

Yahoo mail app is a simple and convenient way to access the Yahoo mail account whenever you wish to. This app is available for both iOS and Android and comprises advanced features for smooth functioning. 

Overview of Yahoo Mail App for Android 

Yahoo Mail app comes along with several valuable and top-notch features, which includes:

  1. Smart Search 

You can search whatever you want to in the Yahoo Mail app. It can search using the keyword or name across all connected email folders and accounts. You can sort the results with just one tap according to files, photos, or emails.

  • Personalize Your Message 
  • You can customize the experience. Select from the given themes and make Yahoo Mail appear according to your preference.
  • You can share photos, files, and videos without any issue. You just have to insert the file in the body of the email and tap to convert it into an attachment.
  • Yahoo Mail app allows you to have complete control of how you have to access the feature function.
  • Great Features of Inbox 
  • The Yahoo Mail app has a ‘Me’ mail feature; users can send quick reminders and updates with this feature. You have to tap and hold to compose button to have access to the feature.
  • With a swipe, hold, and tap, you can organize your email. With the swipe, hold, and tap option, you can easily mark or delete emails. 
  • Access the email account from a single place. You can add other email accounts and switch according to your preference.

These are some of the exciting features offered by the Yahoo Mail account. You don’t have to be a tech expert for using these features. Anyone with little information can use the features without any hassle.

Common Issues Faced by Yahoo Mail App Users

 Like several other email services, Yahoo Mail comprises of some issues and errors. While most issues don’t need much assistance and can fix instantly. Below mentioned are some of the issues that users might face using the Yahoo Mail app.

  • The app is crashing alot.
  • Problem signing in to the Yahoo Mail app.
  • Not receiving the account key.
  • Unable to update Yahoo Mail to the latest.
  • Yahoo Mail app is slow.
  • Some of the features are not available on a mobile device.

If you are facing any issue mentioned above, follow the step-by-step guide to resolve it.

3 Steps to Fix Yahoo Mail App Not Working Issue

Let’s check out the quick fix to resolve the issue of Yahoo mail not working.

An issue with the Functionality of Yahoo Mail

The issue of the Yahoo Mail app not working can be because of the functionality of the app. To ensure functionality is fine, you should:

  • Ensure that you have the latest version of the operating system and Yahoo Mail app.
  • Clear app data and cache and then check whether the problem fixes or not.
  • Sometimes, restarting or force stopping can also resolve the issue as it will refresh the active memory of the app.
  • You can even try reinstalling or uninstalling the app. This will fix your issue.
  • Sign In Problems With Yahoo Mail App

There are numerous reasons why a person can face sign-in problems. So, fixing the sign-in problem can fix the issue. You can take the following actions to resolve the issue:

Change Mobile Number 

If you have changed your old number and still using the same smartphone, then try to fix the issue with the simple steps given below.

  • You can use your computer to log into your Yahoo Mail app.
  • Now, click on the profile name, then account info and account security.
  • When you go on the account security section, press on the phone number option and click add a recovery phone number.
  • Now, enter the phone number and click on send SMS.
  • On the phone number provided field, enter the account key.
  • And, try using Yahoo Mail account on the mobile app.

Activating Two-Step Verification 

When you activate the account key option or two-step verification for the Yahoo Mail account and use a third-party email app like iOS or Android mail to access the Yahoo Mail account, you need to generate an app password Yahoo Mail app. And, to generate the password, you have to go to the account security option in the Yahoo Mail account on the browser and click on generate app option. After this, follow the given on-screen instructions to finish the process.

Connectivity Problem

Ensure that the problem is not being caused because of a poor internet issue. Your mobile phone must be connected to the internet and should work fine. Along with this, ensure that app permission settings don’t interfere with the Yahoo Mail app. With this, your Yahoo mail not working on Android will resolve.

Summing Up

In this guide, you got a lot of information about the Yahoo Mail app, such as varied features, issues a person can face, and ways to resolve the Yahoo Mail app not working problem. So, you can check out the guide to get information related to the Yahoo Mail app.