When you realize that colors are one of your most important design elements, it makes sense to want to be able to apply them with the right amount of accuracy. Fortunately, Shopify has a color filter that you can use as a resource! In this article, you will learn reasons why any other website would benefit from adding a color filter to their store.

Why you should add a Shopify color filter to your store

A color filter on your Shopify store can give you a great chance to drive more visitors to your website. It can help with the conversion rates by attracting people who are looking for certain colors. The color filter is perfect for any product in your store, but it works especially well if you have a lot of products that match the color of the filter.

What is the Shopify color filter?

The Shopify color filter is a great feature to use on your Shopify store. It helps visitors customize their experience by giving them the ability to add their favorite colors to the homepage, product pages, and category pages. The Shopify color filter can be found under themes in the left navigation menu.

Benefits of a Shopify color filter

Shopify offers a variety of powerful marketing tools, including the ability to customize colors and text on your website. A color filter is a feature that can be used to change the appearance of images and texts. This article will explore 10 reasons why a shop owner should add a Shopify color filter to their store.

How to install a Shopify color customizer filter

With a Shopify color customizer filter, you can change the color of your text or background on your Shopify store. Just scroll down to the bottom of any page and look for the small gear icon. Once in, you’ll see three options: “Set Custom Background Colour”, “Change Text Color”, and “Change Background Color”. You’ll want to choose either “set custom background-color” or “change text color”. On this page, you’ll be able to choose a color from one of Shopify’s presets or pick your own custom color in RGB format.

Choosing colors for your site with a Shopify color filter

Choosing colors for your site can be hard. That’s why we’re here to help! There are over a million shades of each color in the Shopify color palette, and they can be difficult to search through. Using a Shopify color filter will make the process much easier. Just choose the type of filter you want, add a few different colors if you like, then find the perfect color for your site.


One of the many benefits of integrating a Shopify color filter into your Shopify store is that it allows you to create a brand-specific color palette in a matter of minutes. You can change colors on the fly for any product, without needing to edit your CSS or hire an outside developer. It’s also one less thing for you to worry about when handling customer orders and returns.