Calgary real estate

Want to sell your property in Calgary and ask what you can get from an expert?

You have several advantages to sign an exclusive mandate with a real estate agency. You may sell your property more easily and especially at the correct price and more rapidly than when you have taken care of it alone, thanks to the knowledge of the local market and the legislation of the real estate agent!

To have a fair assessment of the selling price

It is tough decision to give it an objective value when you sell your house in Calgary in which you have been living for many years. You undoubtedly find it difficult not to think of your buying price, the work you’ve done and the pleasant moments in which you lived… when the selling price must be determined.

Because of their features, condition and location, a real estate agent can better appraise your property’s genuine value. The real estate agent has access to the current selling prices and not only to the prices shown in the ads. He is able to make an accurate estimate with this information.

The greater the price of your home, of course, the more will be the commission of the agent. But its objective is not to overestimate your property, as the sale will be slower and no advantage.

To benefit from professional services

You must sign an exclusive mandate in order to sell your property to a single property agency. With a single mandate, you can use several agents, but increasing the number of speakers does not increase the efficiency of sales.

A Calgary real estate agent manages all phases of the transaction and can advise you at any time. It will be responsible for preparing your accommodation’s real estate listing and advertising.

Home staging, professional images, 360° touring, work advice… many real estate companies are now offering these services, at least for a low fee compared with the sale price.

To distribute your sales ad more widely

Many buyers study online real estate listings and ads. You alone could publish on a few of websites your house on sale, but the operation is typically tedious and costly. Thanks to the social real estate agency in Calgary, the listing of your house will be posted on these type of sites, and potentially leaflets in your neighbourhood or publications issued by the agency, will display your ads on these sites but also on many others reserve to professionals, the website and the window.

To manage contacts and future buyers

It takes a lot of availability to sell your home. It is best to pass through a Calgary real estate agency if you do not want to manage calls and visits from possible buyers.

You also save themselves the often complex phases of negotiation by employing a professional. The real estate agent will merely play the intermediary and relay the offers to you.

For a secure transaction

You must provide a lot of documentation, including compulsory diagnostics to sell your house. It is difficult to adapt the price or the selling conditions, to verify the mandatory information, comply with the withdrawal period, select the best offer. Michael tell that It is highly encouraging to be assisted by a real estate agent during the entire sales process and to ensure that the real estate transactions law is respected and that there is no unpleasant surprise.