A person highlighting the effects that great customer service has on a company like Red Shield Administration.

Millions of startups worldwide struggle to break even, while others are making huge losses. Only a tiny fraction of startups are profitable. This is because entrepreneurs usually face a myriad of challenges in business. Those who learn to overcome business challenges become successful, while the rest are often forced to close shop. 

Since small businesses account for 64% of the country’s GDP and employ 60% of the population, special attention should be given to these businesses. That is why Red Shield Administration recently highlighted the importance of excellent customer service to a company’s success. The following are some of the key reasons why great customer service is essential in business:

1. Gives a Business a Competitive Advantage

One of the easiest ways of ensuring your business has a competitive edge is to treat your customers well. Customers should be greeted in a personalized way and warmly. Customers usually remember how they are treated when they walk into a business. 

If a customer is happy with the customer experience, they are bound to come back with friends. If not, they’ll find a different service provider. They might even write negative reviews and offer low ratings. This can harm your business. 

To get a competitive edge over the competition and ensure the long-term success of your business, be sure to focus on customer service. The growth of Red Shield Administration can be attributed to the award-winning customer service the company is known for. 

2. Improve Employee Retention

No employee wants to be associated with a company that treats its customers badly. After all, such a company does not have a promising future. By offering exceptional customer service, a business will have a long list of happy customers. 

As a result, employees will have a favorable outlook on the company’s future. Therefore, they will never think about leaving the company. This is the secret behind the success of Red Shield Administration.

3. Improve Customer Retention

Marketing a brand can help to improve its visibility and attract new customers. However, it’s the quality of customer service that converts customers and creates a large customer base. A high customer retention rate is critical to a company’s long-term success. 

The higher the number of customers a company converts and retains, the higher the chances of achieving business success. Red Shield Administration has been able to retain most of its customers over the years. That is why the company has grown to become the success story it is today. 

4. Generates Referrals

The best customers are usually those who have been referred by other customers. While a company may have a healthy marketing budget, the best form of marketing is through word of mouth. Customers happy with the quality of customer service offered by a given company will tell others about it and write excellent testimonials. 

If you wish to increase referrals to your business, make sure every customer has a great experience with your business. Red Shield Administration recently tweaked its website to make the claims filing process easier. Many customers are already impressed with the changes and have told others about them.

5. Addresses Client Concerns Proactively

Whenever clients have issues with a product or service offered by a company, they are likely to get disappointed in the company, write negative reviews, and offer poor ratings. Fortunately, this can be avoided by taking a proactive approach to addressing customer concerns. 

A company that offers exceptional customer service can catch problems before the customer takes notice and complains. For instance, if two or more customers have complained about a recently launched product, the customer support team should generate a list of every customer who recently bought the same product and make a follow-up. This will help in ensuring client concerns are addressed proactively. 

6. Reinforces the Brand and Company Values

Brands are usually known for something, whether positive or negative. If one of a company’s values is customer service, the company’s values can be reinforced by offering excellent customer service. This will help to improve the company’s chances of long-term success. 

How Red Shield Administration Has Improved Customer Experience

A customer service representative working on their laptop with all the people they have helped in the background.

One of Red Shield’s core values is a commitment to customer service. The company has reinforced the reputation of its brand by offering excellent customer service. Every staff member is aware of the company’s values and does their best to ensure customers are happy with the quality of service they receive. 

Red Shield Administration recently made several tweaks to its website. One of the tweaks sought to streamline the online claims filing process. It is now easier and faster for clients to file a claim online conveniently. This can be done at any time of the day or night, so the service is highly convenient. 

Once a claim has been filed, a team is always on standby to offer assistance. If a claim is related to an emergency, the team will dispatch a local partner to ensure the client gets assistance immediately. If the issue is not an emergency, a repair service can be scheduled for the next day. 

Red Shield Administration offers three bonus services as part of its customer service. The first is free roadside assistance. 

Clients can also get free towing services when their vehicles break down. Thirdly, clients are entitled to a rental car when their vehicle breaks down. This helps to further improve customer experience. 

While many companies use complex terminology and legal jargon in their contracts, Red Shield Administration has simplified its vehicle service contracts. The goal is to ensure that every client knows what they’re getting themselves into. This approach has helped to improve customer experience. After all, the simple language gives customers a clear understanding of what their contract covers, exclusions, and other terms and conditions.