Your wedding is the most special event of your life. Would you really want to look pale and listless on that day?

Of course not! Every bride and groom deserves to look awesome with a gorgeous hue on their skin. And who better to add that golden glow to your skin than the Boca Tanning Club!

Before you step into this salon, however, you do need to remember the dos and don’ts of spray tanning so that you can rock your tan on your memorable day.


  • Remember to shave, exfoliate, and shower – the first is to remove hairs from your body so that the tanning spray settles well on the skin. The second is to remove dead skin cells and smoothen the skin surface, and the third is to cleanse your skin thoroughly so that the colour sets well in the pores.
  • Apply a very light moisturiser so that your skin becomes smooth and supple. You can apply products made especially for the purpose. This will also help to keep your tan for longer and you will shine beauteously on the day.
  • Wear loose clothes and old/disposable innerwear so that the colour does not come off on expensive garments. In case you want to and are unembarrassed about it, go au naturel so that there are no ugly streaks on your body. That way, your entire body will have the same shade all over.


  • Do not apply makeup or perfume before you enter a tanning salon. These stay on the skin in different areas and keep the colour from spreading uniformly, which means unsightly patches on your body.
  • Avoid the use of any bandages or strips that will remove the tan colour whenever you take them off.
  • Do not engage in any exercise that will make you sweat heavily post the tanning session. Avoid swimming too as chlorine breaks down the tan quite easily. The best idea would be to go home and get a good night’s sleep, which in any case would do wonders for your beauty.
  • Keep harsh soaps and body washes away for some days after getting a tan as these would bleach away the colour quickly. Get your tan at least two or three days before your wedding so that any mishaps can be corrected well in time. You can always go for touch-ups if really required. 

Many brides and grooms also check out a newish trend called cocktail tanning, which is a sunbed session followed by a spray tan chaser. The positives of this style are quite a few, as are those of professional spray tanning by the experts at Boca Tanning Club.

In case you are uncertain about the colour you would like to be on your wedding, you can seek the advice of the experts here. They will do a skin check and suggest a few shades that will look superb on you.

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