Using reusable bags are not just the trendy way to go shopping but actually, there are certain reasons to use them in the right way. We should not use mesh vegetable bags just because the government has put restrictions on using plastic bags. However, this is our obligation to switch to cloth bags for our environment. As the combat for making plastic-free planets heats up, the search to find superior eco- friendly packaging alternatives is also escalating. Eco friendly is not just the green ambience but also the sustainable options. Paper bags can be a green and eco-friendly substitute but cutting the number of trees is not feasible. We must use fabric and jute bags for our haulage and packaging purposes.

Are cotton bags an opportune alternative?

Cotton emerges as one of the most suitable choices for bags to carry vegetables and groceries. These bags are reusable, sustainable, and biodegradable and with the capacity to hold significant weight. As a result, it is an adaptable and supple option with miscellaneous sort of uses. As the use of plastic bags has been banned in some countries, choosing jute bags is the best substitute for them.

What are the reasons to switch to cotton grocery bags?

Numerous reasons are there to switch to reusable cotton bags instead of single-use plastic bags. The first and foremost reason is to reduce the impact of plastic bags on the environment. Here are few grounds on which we decide to switch to reusable cotton bags:

Reasonably Priced And Best Budget Option

Mesh hand baggage is the preeminent cost-effective bags that are made up of natural fabric like cotton, muslin, jute and other robust supplies. Most of the bags are usually made up of cotton. The most prominent reason is that cotton is easily available. The material used in the making is considered as the best biodegradable material. This makes it reusable and easy to get at a lower price. Moreover, reusable produce bags are recyclable which reduce the overall production cost than plastic bags.

Best For Saving The Planet Earth

In diverse parts of the globe, millions of plastic waste are disposed of daily and they put into contamination of the atmosphere. About 75% of waste is plastic from which only 9% is recycled. This means that the rest of the plastic goes to landfills. However, reusable produce bags are the best way to endorse zero surplus and no landfills. According to the Network of Earth Day, 4 trillion plastic bags are used worldwide in a year and only about 1% are recycled. They take many years to degrade and emit toxins into the air and water. Therefore, this is the right time to swap to other options rather than plastic.

Cotton Bags Keep Things Fresh

These are the bags that you exactly need for buying and storing purposes. You can easily pack your food in them and can store in the refrigerator as well to keep the food items fresh and healthy. These bags are considered versatile too. You can use these bags for a range of purposes for shopping, storing and travelling. For instance, you can pack your accessories in cotton bags to organise your packaging. Mesh bags are usually the preference because you can set lots of stuff in one bag. A mesh bag is breathable, unlike those plastic ones which means it is a good deal for the products.

Cotton Bags Are Customizable

Luckily cotton bags provide a fixed base for drawing and customizing the bag in an inventive way. There is nothing worse than to find your things in your fridge and cupboard. Reusable mesh bags are the best solution to this certain problem. These are some reusable products out there that are much more environmentally responsive than storing your produce in plastic bags.

Furthermore, these bags will add up to extend the shelf life of your produce. These have a longer life and your fresh vegetables and fruits will be used more quickly and in a healthier way. If they get dirty even, then there is no issue, they are easily washable and again get ready for multiple uses.

Comfortable And Fashionable To Carry

The major reason for choosing reusable shopping bags is that they’re far more stylish than simple plastic bags. Jute and cotton bags look beautiful and graceful in hand. When you go shopping, put your things in mesh vegetable bags and give yourself an elegant look. Whether you choose bright cotton, natural jute looking or a neutral-coloured jute shopper, reusable shopping bags are intended with diverse colors which makes them more designer.

Another advantage of reusable produce bags is, they are comfortable as well as perfect for bulk products. Their broad attached strap can reduce the strain off your fingers when carrying lots of items in a single bag. On the other hand, plastic grocery bags are difficult to carry when there is a lot of heaviness.All in all, we can say that reusable mesh bags are a trendy choice as they come in various designs. If you have not switched to cotton and jute bags then this is the perfect time to swap from plastic bags to mesh produce bags.

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