Finally, Roblox has formally announced the spatial voice chat facility on tenth November 2021. It’s readily available for gamers above age 13 many completed age verification process.

Initially, it had been developed like a Beta version in Feb 2021, and lastly, in November 2021, it’s out for Worldwide gamers. So, have fun playing the spatial voice chat and revel in gaming while communicating with your buddies.

But, many players are not aware and wish to know Roblox Como Activar El Chat de Voz En. So, please continue studying for this.

What’s Spatial Voice Chat in Roblox?

Spatial Voice Char may be the recently launched voice chat feature around the Roblox platform. It enables Worldwide gamers to take part in voice chat inside the spatial voice chat room. The feature can be obtained just for gamers above 13 many completed age verification process on Roblox.

Players above 13 years can opt-set for the voice chat feature by going to the sport settings menu and enabling the part. It’ll permit them to make use of the voice chat function while gaming using their buddies.

Roblox Como Activar El Chat de Voz En

Well, as you know that Spatial Voice Chat may be the new chat feature on Roblox, you may be wondering how you can activate or let the feature to savor chatting. Regrettably, enabling the voice chat feature on Roblox doesn’t include just pressing a control button. Rather, players need to match the criteria before enabling it.

Players need to complete age verification process to make sure that they’re above 13 many qualified for that spatial voice chat function. Here are the fast and simple steps on Roblox Como Activar El Chat de Voz En.

•           Click around the gear icon obtainable in the very best right corner from the game menu

•           Click on “Account Settings”

•           Tab around the “Privacy Tab” from the game menu

•           Search for that option “Spatial Voice” and toggle it onto let the feature

•           As the toggle turns eco-friendly from gray, it signifies the voice chat feature is enabled

What’s the Process for Age Verification?

The only method to let the voice chat function is as simple as verifying how old you are to actually are over the qualified chronilogical age of 13 years. It’s the crucial step of Roblox Como Activar El Chat de Voz En.

Age verification process is required to help keep the more youthful kids safe and free of mingling with adults and teenagers. Therefore, age verification is required, and also you need government-issued ID proof to accomplish the verification process.

•           Go to Account setting

•           Under the “Birthday” section, you will notice the choice to ensure how old you are

•           A QR code can look you need to scan and finish the verification


Spatial Voice Chat may be the function that’s attracting many players towards the platform. You may also have fun playing the voice chat on Roblox. All you need to do is finished a couple of easy steps, as pointed out above within the Roblox Como Activar El Chat de Voz En section. So, let the voice chat today and begin communicating with your buddies along with other qualified gamers.