Did all the passengers die in the Rutherford accident? According to reports, a car was struck by a pole and crashed into a Rutherford utility pole on Friday. The collision resulted in one young boy being killed and three other passengers suffering severe injuries. This is shocking news in the United States .

You will find all details and information about the Rutherford NJ accident in this article.

What’s the news?

A car collided into a pole in Rutherford, NJ on Friday afternoon. The accident resulted in the death of one young boy and three fatal injuries to the rest. Officials stated that the young boy was found dead at the scene and his friends were taken by ambulance to the hospital.

The boy was just 17 years old and his friends were the same age. While explaining the crash, the investigating officer expressed his disapproval towards the incident and was also quite shady.

Crash in Rutherford NJ

On Friday afternoon, a major accident was reported in Rutherford. According to reports, the accident occurred when a car crashed into the Marginal road utility pole. The driver and his passengers were trapped inside the vehicle. Firefighters were called on the scene to rescue them. It was later reported that the driver of the car was already dead. A 17-year-old boy died in the accident. His friends sustained serious injuries.

People’s Goals on Rutherford Crash

According to the investigating officer, it was a tragic accident and that people were shocked. After the accident, multiple ambulances were dispatched. Rutherford NJ Crashwas a major accident. The people are grieving after they send condolences to the family of the boy killed in the accident. They also support his friends who are currently admitted at the hospital.

One witness said that the crash was one of the most serious and dangerous accidents in Rutherford. According to another source, firefighters were dispatched to the scene to rescue all passengers trapped in the car. One person stated that Rutherford NJ Crash was a tragic accident and that a young boy lost his life in this terrible incident.


This post summarizes the information we provided about the clash in Rutherford NJ. One boy was killed and several of his friends sustained serious injuries. To learn more about the accident and to find out about the boy who died and the friends who were admitted to the hospital, you can visit many social media websites.