If you are thinking Italian, which is the first delicacy that pops in your mind? It’s the popular choice worldwide – Pizza! You want to binge on it at a house party when you’re chilling with your friends or watching a football match. Who needs an occasion to devour pizzas? If you are craving a healthy thin-crust pizza with vegetable toppings, or a vegan option, you can find all kinds in Dubai. So, next time when you feel like eating this Italian pie, just grab your phone and order online. 

Here is a list of the top Italian places from where you can order pizza online and rest assured to get a lip-smacking treat. 

Pitfire Pizza

Located in the bustling clusters of JLT, this Italian joint serves the most innovative and delicious pizzas in Dubai. What’s more? The price list here is affordable too. Be it their signature pizza called ‘Pitfire Primo’ that has a roasted garlic base or something with regional flavored toppings, Pitfire Pizza would spoil you for choice. They also have a half-and-half offering with the 15-inch pizza. So, just mix up an Italian flavored ‘Five Star’ pizza with a double cheese one, or the ‘makhani’ Tikka to satiate your tastebuds.

Rossovivo Artisan Pizza

How about a well-done fresh tomato base with a puffy, and faintly charred crust? This restaurant offers one of the best delivery options in Dubai. You cannot miss the Buffalina pizza here, which is a simple Margherita, but with a splash of buffalo mozzarella that melts in your mouth. Or, if you like more of an umami kick, opt for the Porcini, which has oodles of truffle oil, porcini mushrooms, and the delectable porcini cream.


One of the most popular and leading Italian joints in Dubai, Eataly has two famous branches – one in Dubai Mall and the other in Dubai Festival City Mall. This restaurant is popular for its breads, appetizers, sauces, and brilliant pastas. Eataly uses thin-crust bases for their pizzas with gooey cheese and tangy sauce layered on them. This makes it one of the top places if you are craving authentic pizza in Dubai. If you like fish, do try their “Tonna” pizza, a Tuna-based pizza to taste a unique spin.

800 Pizza

If you want to order pizza online and wish for a large one, try 800 Pizza in Dubai. Their best-sellers like Pizza Pollastrona or Margherita con Buffalo are worth a try. The latter is made with a thin crispy crust topped with creamy tomato sauce and dashes of mozzarella. If you do not like meat, try their veggie classic pizza. If you are looking for great pizza deals, then 800 pizza is a great choice.

Freedom Pizza

One of the best pizza places in Dubai, especially for people who prefer specialty diets, Freedom Pizza has multiple meat and dairy-filled options on the menu. They also offer plant-based, and gluten-free options. Try the cauliflower crust or choose a topping with vegan cheese or the animal-free product called ‘Beyond Meat’. They also offer a range of gourmet toppings like truffle oil, fennel seeds and beef chorizo, and goat’s cheese. Choose a regular pizza or order their Detroit-style. The pizza called ‘Free-gan’ which is topped with orange bell pepper, jalapenos, coriander, caramelized onions, cherry tomatoes, vegan cheese, and red sauce is a must-try here.

So, next time if you want to order pizza online, do try these best Italian places in Dubai and get enjoy your favorite meal.