Making a scrunchie manually at home is simple and scarcely requires any materials. Essentially go through any odd pieces of cloth or fabric you have lying around the house or reuse old tees in lovely prints to make fabulous scrunchies at home. The other thing you’ll require is some elastic. It is recommended that you buy new elastic for making this scrunchie project. If you don’t have an elastic but are determined to try making a scrunchie at home for the purpose of trying, you can always find elastics attached to your old clothes. You can remove the elastic from those clothes and reuse them. Making your own hair scrunchies won’t just set aside cash; it will mean you make one-of-a-kind hair extras.

You can always choose the method of sewing. You can use your thread and needle and sew the fabric with your hands, or you can always go ahead and use the sewing machine to make a scrunchie much faster.

Some fabrics are considered to be much better and more popular when scrunchies are considered. For instance, fabric like flannel, Satin, Silk is some of the materials that are delicate on your hair. Since they are so protective and put very little pressure on your hair, they are liked by most scrunchie users. Considering satin scrunchies Canada has many e uses full love this product and use them on a daily basis. These lovely scrunchies are an extraordinary method for gathering the hair together and preventing them from falling on your face. Why not make a couple of them offer adorable presents for loved ones? They’d be extraordinary when worn on any occasion, or you can even make a matching no-sew hair tie in a similar cloth.

With so many benefits of making your scrunchie at home, here is the technique of making it-

Assemble Materials

You can utilize either weave or twisted elastics – either will work for a scrunchie.

Light-to medium-weight woven cloths are the least demanding to work with for quilting – for knitting, cotton is great. For an alternate inclination, attempt a lightweight velvet or satin material; however, focus on the rest of the textile.

Cut the Pieces and press them.

Cut an 8″ long piece of fabrics you will use and also do the same with your elastics. With a rotational cutter (or texture scissors), cut a 3″ x 22″ portion of the cloth. 

Press every one of the 3″ wide finishes under 1/4″ with the wrong sides together to shape a wrinkle for the last sewing. To add a discretionary ornamental tie on the scrunchie, cut a 3″ x 8″ portion of matching texture, then, at that point, overlay it in a large portion of the long way. Measure and cut from the overlay to 1 1/2″ in from the non-collapsed edge to frame a point at each end.

Scrunchie Tube 

Overlay the 3″ x 22″ strip in half right sides together, matching the long sides right sides together, unfurling the 1/4″ wrinkle that you squeezed. 

Pin one short end of the elastic, matching the crude edges. Utilizing a 1/4″ crease remittance, the short end where the elastic is stuck should be sewn, turned at the corner, then sewn down the long edge. Back Stitch or lock the sewing toward the start and end of the crease and support across the flexible. This keeps the sewing from breaking into pieces as the flexible pulls.

Turn to the right side. 

The tube that is made should be turned Inside Out with the right side on the top. Connect a security pin to the remaining detail of the flexible. Turn the cylinder right side out from the open end, utilizing a chopstick, the dull finish of a pen or pencil, or a cylinder turner assuming that you have one, and pull the security stuck finish of the flexible out the open end.

You can clutch the finish of the elastic while turning (the self-locking pin makes it more simple) or join it to a solid surface (by sticking it to a pressing board cover) as you turn the texture right-side-out.

On the off chance that you battle to hold the flexible as you turn the cylinder, first turn the cylinder right-side-out and afterward utilize the self clasping pin to direct the versatile through the scrunchie. Then, at that point, push the texture down as you go.


Scrunchies have been in style for a long time. Accessorize your hair to make your hairstyle look more elegant and bold. You can always decide on what type of scrunchie you want to carry. You can have a different scrunchie for every occasion. They are delicate on your hair and still make your hair look amazing. So what are you waiting for? Look for some amazing scrunchies at online websites like the halo effect and enjoy different hairstyles every day.