Unmatched attention to detail, superior security products and experienced installations have made Serious Security Melbourne Systems the choice of security camera and alarm system in Melbourne. Security Systems can supply, install, and service thousands of Melbourne’s home and enterprise alert systems, and monitor and maintain most existing alert systems. We also strive to make it quick and easy to set up security alarms for your convenience. Customers who choose a monitoring service can rest assured that a well-trained team of monitoring personnel will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Installation of CCTV camera system in Melbourne

Many homeowners leave their property or home unattended during the day, especially during work. Home Serious Security Melbourne cameras have become an integral part of every VIC home in Melbourne. Without blocking the intruder, the security system can send an immediate alarm and provide a video that can be used as evidence later. You can make sure your space is monitored 24/7, and many think twice before breaking into your home or garage. Security systems also ensure that homeowners can rest well during long vacations.

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Serious Security Melbourne Systems is a leading supplier and installer of alarm systems. Security Systems provides home security systems, security alarms, CCTV systems and security cameras, professional surveillance, medical alarms, intercom systems, access control, building security services and installations.

Protect your business with CCTV

In Melbourne, internal and external commercial CCTV cameras significantly improve employee, work equipment and inventory safety, and 24-hour video surveillance with high-quality CCTV security cameras reassures business owners. I can. With the wide variety of CCTV cameras and digital video recorders (DVRs) on the market today, many business owners find it difficult to choose the right CCTV camera to protect their workplace. The Family Serious Security Melbourne Camera System installs and configures a high quality CCTV system for commercial customers. All CCTV cameras we install work with Ethernet or HD coaxial cable, so there is no need to install additional power outlets. CCTV footage is pre-recorded in real time and can be streamed live over an internet connection or accessed via a mobile phone, iPad, tablet, or other computer.

Frequently Asked Questions about Home Video Security Systems

What is a megapixel?

Megapixel (MP), which stands for “Million Pixels,” determines the amount of detail a camera sensor can capture. The higher the number of megapixels, the more potential details you can capture in your image.

When is size important?

A 20-megapixel file can generate an 18-inch wide print without scaling in Photoshop when you send it to print. But how often do you print 12 “x18” photos? Unfortunately, for most consumers, the answer is “infrequent.”

Most photos go online and often appear on social media. However, online and social media usage rarely exceeds 2MP. This means that the remaining 18MP you pay will never actually be displayed. Only 8MP photos can be displayed even on a 4K screen.

Who needs more megapixels?

Need a camera that can generate 100MP images? 20MP is common these days, and most photographers don’t take full advantage of their cameras. The 20MP sensor camera provides 20MP detail only when used by an experienced photographer who knows how to maximize detail and resolution by lighting and other means.

In other words, advanced photographers looking for a camera that can print directly in large format with incredible detail reproduction, or that can provide extreme framing capabilities, can use a camera with a resolution of 30, 50, or 100 MP.

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