Search Engine Optimizations or SEO can be targeted at a local level and opens up the Internet to business owners who only wish to attract clients from certain areas. Local search engine optimization will help you target only those customers who are most profitable to your business and who are most likely to buy. Google is the most popular search online casino bonus and thankfully it offers rankings that are country-specific, which offers far more diversity than others.

As you will know by now if you have followed my tutorials, Google indexes sites in the most relevant way, therefore the website will primarily be indexed therefore if you are targeting your site to a specific country you will need to compete with local sites as well as general ones I won’t go through some general pieces of advice for all of you targeting a country-specific audience.

Your domains and Hosting

When it comes to local search engine optimization (SEO) there are two criteria Google will look at in order to determine where to index your site.

1- Your top-level domain (TLD)

2- The location of your hosting

Your TLD is your main domain i.e. this site is if you are targeting a local audience you should use the domain name of the country you targeting i.e. This will help Google decide where to list your website. Another way of optimizing locally is by opening your hosting account in the relevant country. If the IP address of your site is hosted in a certain country it will not matter what your TLD is, Google will list you in the hosting location index. This is a great way of targeting customers all over the world.

Contact Information

Another way of targeting locally is to place your contact information in the footer of your website. However only do this if you have one office as mentioning multiple countries and cities will do you no good.

Language Issues

These is more for your visitors pokies online, but try to use the same phrases as would be encountered in the particular countries you are targeting. Not all English-speaking countries speak the same and more importantly sell the same.

Get Local Links

This is probably the most powerful technique to raise your local rankings and its simple all you need is local links. Try locating local government sites or businesses and attempt to get a link back. Submit your site to local business directories and contact directories. This will all help to improve your local link popularity.