Why is it Important to Service Your Gas Appliances? 

When life gets tough and both time and money run short, the servicing of gas heaters and water heating systems tumbles down the list of important expenses. In fact, even those without time and money worries seem to put off servicing appliances. Unfortunately, this means that millions of small issues over the years for homeowners and business owners are missed. Instead, these small issues are allowed to fester and transform into larger problems. Don’t let this happen to your property this year! 

To continue from the introduction, servicing is so important for your gas appliances because it allows professionals to pick up on small issues before they have a chance to get worse. When talking about gas appliances, ‘get worse’ has potentially fatal consequences. When a gas water heaters malfunctions, there’s a chance that it will release dangerous gases and chemicals. In some cases, it can even produce carbon monoxide. 

Therefore, the first benefit of servicing is that you take a proactive approach to the safety and health of not only your family but all those who choose to visit your home. The longer that gas leaks go undetected, the more they will affect those in the property. What starts as small headaches and bouts of dizziness can turn into vomiting, upset stomachs, and more severe problems. Sadly, carbon monoxide poisoning leads to around 50,000 A&E visits and over 400 deaths per year in the United States. The issue is equally prevalent in Australia, the UK, and many other countries. 

Furthermore, servicing gas appliances ensures that they’re running efficiently. As well as saving money on expensive repairs, you also save money on the day-to-day operation of such appliances. Hero Plumbing, for example, might spot a minor issue with the system. With proper maintenance, you can return to optimal efficiency and get the most from your money. With these two savings alone, servicing is an investment that typically yields healthy returns. 

Finally, another reason to service your gas appliances is to get peace of mind. Professional plumbers have experience, knowledge, and equipment to analyse the appliances in your home or business property. If they find that everything is working as expected, this doesn’t mean that your money is wasted. Instead, it means that you can have peace of mind for your family until the next service. 

Overall, servicing is essential for everybody involved: 

  • Small issues are highlighted before they become more serious 
  • You have peace of mind for your family 
  • You save money 
  • The appliances are optimised for peak efficiency 

Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Case Your Device Has Malfunctioned 

While servicing is a step in the right direction, you might wonder what you can do between services to keep your family and property safe. Well, one of the simplest yet most effective tips is to introduce a carbon monoxide detector. These clever devices are designed to pick up on excess levels of carbon monoxide in a room. 

In the past, many people have mistakenly thought that their smoke detector performs the same job – this is not the case. Both carbon monoxide alarms and smoke alarms are designed to detect different hazards, so please keep this in mind. With carbon monoxide lighter than air, it’s best to place these detectors on walls or on the ceiling. 

When installing, always follow the instructions that come with the device because the manufacturer knows how to get the most from its devices. Service your gas appliances, use a carbon monoxide detector, and keep your family safe this year!