Indian Vegetables

The vegetables and fruits which are consumed daily in India are very different from those found in Germany. For instance, in India, you are most likely to find things like Lauki, Bhindi, Baingan, Karela, etc. in the grocery store nearby, but in Germany, you have to hunt a lot.

Groceries and other food products are often a concern of people living outside of India. There are usually only a few Indian Grocery Stores and they are located in a far-off place. Further, the vegetables and fruits sold in the stores are very expensive, and the quality isn’t up to par.

Therefore in this article, we bring you the Best Store to buy Indian Vegetables in Germany. Here you will find all the staple Indian Vegetables, rich in flavor and taste but light on your pocket. To learn more, read this article to the end.

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Dookan is a boon for the Indians living in Germany. When you are living far away from your homeland Food is the only thing which makes you feel at home. Dookan ensures that all your Grocery needs are found under one app without any hassle.

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Buy Indian Vegetables in Germany from Dookan App

Some of the best-selling Indian Vegetables In Germany found at Dookan are as follows.

1. Bottle Gourd/ Lauki

Bottle Gourd, also known as Lauki/Doodhi/Ghiya is a popular Indian Vegetable found during summers. Koftas, Halwa, Sabji, and Parathe are some of the well-known Indian Dishes prepared using it. It helps in weight loss, keeps you hydrated, and relieves stress. You will get 500g of Lauki for €3,49 EUR at

2. Lady Finger/Okra

Lady Finger popularly known as Bhindi or Okra in India is a kid’s favorite veggie. When cooked with some oil and spices it tastes delicious. It is either cut in rounds or in 4 halves or even added as a whole in Mix Veg. You will get 500g of Okra for €2,99 EUR at

3. Purple Brinjal/ Baingan

Brinjal or Eggplant known as Baingan in Hindi is usually found in the warm season. In North India, it is used to prepare Baingan ka Bharta while in the East Begun Bhaja is amongst the popular delicacies. You will get 500g of Purple Brinjal for €2,99 EUR at the best Indian Grocery Store Online in Germany.

4. Cluster Beans/ Guar

Cluster Beans or Guar Phali is a veggie usually consumed in the northern parts of India. A dry sabji of Guar with finely chopped onions and potatoes tastes amazing. It is good for the gut, bones, and maintaining blood sugar levels. You will get 500g of Cluster beans for €3,99 EUR at


Fruits and Vegetables are an essential component of our daily meal. Fresh and Chemical Free Veggies keep us fit and healthy both in and out. From now onwards you can buy Rich and Plump Indian Vegetables in Germany from your nearest (in your phone)Online Indian Grocery Store – Dookan. Place your Vegetable order on Sundays and win a flat 15% discount.