I have heard this question repeatedly for the past few months, so I took it up to provide answers to your curiosity.

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A gold coin is a coin made/carved/minted with gold. It can only be issued by the government or private enterprise.

Gold bar or Gold bullion is a heavy yellow elemental metallic gold of great value, formed in different shapes and sizes. It might come in a rectangular, square, or circle shape.

Wonder why it’s called bullion?

Bullion is a bulk quality of precious gold or silver. It’s seen as 99.9% pure, and accessed by weight.

In previous years, gold bars were a trusted medium of exchange and investment. The government and central banks kept it as revenue for future inflation. There was a time when gold was used as a common circulation of currency, which is presently the gold coin.

Now, to the question;

Should I buy Gold coins or Gold bars?

Picture Gold coins as normal money. We all know money is generally accepted anywhere, anytime. Then picture Gold bars as raw material. We all know what raw material can be used for.

Gold coins are portable and more convenient than gold bars, but because of their portability and convenience, it’s easier for it to be lost and hard to store. 

Coins are less efficient than bars because of their ability to store bulk amounts of metal, and most of them come with a higher premium over time because they can be marked up for design.

Gold bars are the safest and most efficient way to execute and store bulk amounts of gold. A certified gold administrator recommends gold bars for a future and retirement investment. 

Gold Bars are the most cost-efficient because they are easier to stack and difficult to be false or fake.

Hopefully, your doubt has been cleared. To invest in gold depends on your investment goals. But first, let’s view the core reasons why gold investment is important.

Gold doesn’t fade and it’s always of high value anytime, anywhere. For a safe and secure future, allocate a percentage of your investment plan to gold because gold is the best way to secure wealth from inflation. 

Assets like shares, real estate, and property are good, but they can be lost to wars, recessions, and inflation. On the other hand, Gold retains its value and appreciates even when everything is experiencing deflation.

We all know Gold doesn’t rust. Buy Gold coins or Gold bars, you are at a gain.

Purchase gold in its purest form and store it for future use. Might be used in the production of gold chains or pieces of jewelry at some point in the future, or in selling the pure gold after it has appreciated enough to increase wealth.

What is your individual investment goal/plan?

Answer the question, and know which to buy, but know that investing in Gold, either coin or bar is at your gain.

Investing in Gold is a Lifetime Gold mine.