Our bedrooms are undoubtedly the most important rooms of the house. This is where with relax and get ourselves recharged for the upcoming day. The best way to get your bedroom a beautiful look is to be creative with the paint. That is why an Interior designer in bangalore will always focus on painting the walls beautifully before focusing on the other aspects of your room.

Painting the walls is also one of the most versatile bedroom decor ideas around. You can simply grab some paint buckets and some brushes and get the job done all by yourself. But how exactly are you going to choose the perfect colour scheme for your bedroom? Well, you need not worry as we are here to help you out. We will provide you with some exclusive bedroom room colour ideas that will instantly change the look and feel of your entire bedroom. 

1 Use a classic grey colour: You can never go wrong with the different shades of grey. A beautiful shade of grey can make your bedroom look elegant and will give you an airy feel. Grey is a classic shade and works well for bedrooms of any size. Even if you have very little natural light coming into your room, grey does the work perfectly for you. You can use some lighter shades of grey for the walls of a bedroom. You can also use contrasting colours. Paint two walls with a lighter shade of grey and use a slightly darker shade for the remaining wall. This is going to give a soft, warm and cosy look to the entire bedroom.

2 Go green: Green colour can definitely create a mood for your entire room. Green is not only pleasing to the eyes but is also quite glamorous and sophisticated. Using green for the walls of your room has become an emerging trend. You can use greens in different shapes for the walls of your bedroom. It will impart a mood of relaxation to the entire room. It will also create an extraordinary link to the outdoor spaces. Try using green for both the walls as well as the ceilings of your bedroom. It is going to give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can also take the help of an Interior designer in bangalore to help you choose the right paint for your bedroom.

3 Make a bold statement with blue: A vibrant state of blue can create a statement for your room. It is going to make your bedroom look live. Once you paint the room blue, you need not have to use a lot of home decor items as well. Just use a few unique home decor pieces and your bedroom will start to look mesmerizing. Blue comes in different shades and textures but when it comes to the bedroom, it’s always better to go for a lighter shade as it can make your room look large and open. You can also use a deep rich blue for a particular wall of your room. You can also use orange and yellow accessories that will emphasize the depth of the colour and will also make your room look stylish.

4 Follow the aqua trend: Aqua shades also been in trend for quite a while now. They can make your room look spacious. They also have a very warm feeling. Aqua rooms will create an excellent living condition for your bedroom. The aqua colours also easily blend with other colours. These colours have a very beautiful restful quality and are also super flexible. You can decorate your room in any way you want to and it is going to make your entire room look beautiful. You can also ask an Interior designer in bangalore which aqua shade is perfect for your bedroom.

5 Create dramatic effects with black: You may not have possibly thought of using black for the walls of your room but it can create a unique look for your bedroom and can also make your room look stylish. Black can give a surprisingly warm effect. It is especially effective for a poorly lit room. A black room can also make you feel cool. It can create an overwhelming effect. You can also use white linen for your bed and give the room a beautiful appearance.

6 Use floral patterns: Floral patterns can also work really well for the walls of your bedroom. These patterns can give a unique feel to the entire room. They also create a very natural vibe and make you feel fresh and happy. You can use lighter shades of violet and green for the walls of your room. These days, popular Interior designer in bangalore is also using floral patterns for interior designing.

And these are some of the best ways of painting the walls of your bedroom. If you have any other suggestion in mind, do let us know of it.