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Spring cleaning is in full swing. That means out with the old and in with the NEW. Let’s face it you aren’t the same person you were last year, which means the same style doesn’t quite speak true to who you are anymore. You can even test this by completing a free personality test, it won’t be the same two years in a row. It’s time to get back into the world and make a statement with fashion that shows this world what you stand for! But what about the days you don’t want to put together a whole outfit? Even if we are popping by the store, we still want our style to show our most authentic selves. 

According to psychologists, your style has a lot to do with your personality type, even if you don’t realise it. If you’re interested in finding out more about how your personality type influences your style, then consider taking a personality test.

Here are some easy wardrobe staples to add to your closet this spring to help your personality shine even on the casual days:

  1. Hoodies

Hoodies are a classic, easy, and fun way to add some flair to a casual pair of jeans. Try a dog mom hoodie to class up your yoga pants before heading out for your morning walk– with your dog of course! Our pets are such a huge part of our lives so obviously they are a huge part of personality too. Show off your love for your fur babies at the gym, the park, or the coffeeshop. A stylish hoodie with a funky design or fun text instantly sends a message about who you are to whoever you see. Plus, it’s so simple to just throw it on and take a casual look into something more fun and adds a lot of  personality. 

  1. Jeans

The youth have spoken and skinny jeans are out. Give your closet a refresh by adding in a fun new pair of jeans. Denim is a classic, and let’s face it no style is ever really gone forever. But, why not try something new this season. Flairs have made a comeback. Show off that disco personality in a wider leg pant. Did we mention a flair looks super cute with a roller skate? Why not hit the roller rink for a date night and show off how funky-fresh you can be.  Or try a stone wash straight leg and let your inner 90s Mom finally break free. Jeans are comfortable, casual, and they express that while also letting us have fun with which version of ourselves we want to be day to day. 

  1. Dad Hats

You’ve got the Mom jeans, why not go for a cute and classic baseball hat. Similar to a hoodie it can include a simple phrase that can quickly show the world who you are. Into books? Or a certain kind of fan-dom? We see you Potter heads. A cool dad hat with a deathly hallows symbol could easily be a conversation starter the next time you run out to grab a coffee. Find a hat to show your love for gardening; maybe one with a simple daisy on the front. Great for staying out of the sun while pulling weeds or out on a run.  What about  trying a new style of a classic hat? Nothing says lively like a dad hat with a bigger back closure that allows for a high pony. Best thing about adding a fun new hat to your closet is that you can never have a bad hair day: just pop on the hat and let it do the work for you.

  1. Workout Dresses

It’s time to face the music: we’ve stayed home for a year and comfy clothes are what we want to wear. Leisure wear has come into the world and it is here to stay. We all pop out to run errands in our leggings and casual T; but, what about the days we feel a little more feminine and flirty. Stay comfortable on those days and try a cute tennis dress. These have been popping up all over Tiktok and Instagram for a reason. Reminiscent of a tennis dress, these are a comfortable and chic look that goes far beyond the country club. Throw it on to run errands after your fitness dance class. Plus, now that they come in so many playful colors, there is surely a color that fits your skin tone and your vibe. 

  1. Socks

They may go on our feet underneath our shoes; but, a fun sock is an easy addition to any outfit and one that can show off who you are and make someone smile. Show everyone a little whimsy with a polka dot print or a heart pattern. Wear a small lacey sock with converse for a slightly punk and yet flirty feel. Or maybe just add a pop of color to your otherwise neutral tone outfit through your socks. It may seem small but a simple accessory can add that tiny touch of personality to make any outfit just a little more true to you.