Sidney Applebaum

Sidney Applebaum’s Business Accomplishments 

Sidney Applebaum was successful in expanding the family business effectively by putting his all into it. From humble beginnings with fruit stands and door-to-door deliveries, the company has expanded to 30 Applebaum’s outlets around the metro region. National Tea Co. purchased the company in 1979, and Applebaum stayed on to work for them.

The Life After Rainbow Foods for Sidney Applebaum

Rainbow Foods was chaired by Applebaum until 1996, during which time the business went through many management changes. Applebaum purchased four Holiday Foods locations in Burnsville, Plymouth, Fridley, and Bloomington in 1997.

The stores were sold to Supervalu and transformed into Cub Foods outlets over the next 18 months. Sidney Applebaum founded Sid’s Discounted Liquors in 1978 and Big Top Liquors in 1979 with the aid of his three children, Jay, Ellen, and Nancy.

He received several honours and honours and became a recognised member of the Twin Cities community. According to his children, he helped plan the St. Paul Winter Carnival and the Olympic Fiesta.

What Was the Joke About Sidney Applebaum in SNL?

The classic Saturday Night Live joke won’t make you laugh unless you already know the backstory or witness Bill Hader giggling hysterically while violating his direct and stern role on the show. To fully get the humour, you must first familiarise yourself with the setting.

It’s a waste of time to offer comedy without knowing what’s going on in the background. “His success will guarantee the whole world remembers his name as Sidney Applebaum,” the commander says in Woody Allen’s classic play “Love and Death.” One of the film’s many unsubstantiated claims adds to the film’s distinctive and undeniably amusing nature.

While performing wonderfully on Saturday Night Live, Stefon, a talented comic, creates the tone for the audience by genuinely imagining a Halloween party.” “There was a Jewish analogue of Blackula—the dark Dracula named Sidney Applebaum,” he says.

The emcee and the audience both broke out laughing. There appear to be two possible explanations for their laughter. They could have thought Dracula’s name was clever and humorous at first. It comes out as weak and uninteresting, and it’s presented with a mocking tone. 

Or, perhaps, the guests would have been so terrified by Dracula that they would never forget him, just way Sidney Applebaum is still known across the world. But also in hearts of millions.

The Inconsistent Names

Inconsistency is commonly used in Saturday Night Live. Dracula’s words will eventually overwhelm you like a swarm of bees. As a result, Jewish vampire nicknames are likely to be more complex and difficult to say. In any case, the moniker became “Sidney Applebaum,” a weak, standard pronunciation. Jews are sometimes characterised as being very fair and rational. This adds to the humor’s suspense.

The Takeaway!

Many fans of Saturday Night Live find it hilarious, owing to their prior knowledge of all of the actors’ backstories. Sidney Applebaum is extremely entertaining as a result of his well-known persona.

The crowd expected his name to be difficult to decipher because of his Jewish heritage. In and of itself, it’s a comedy. Furthermore, Bill Hader’s interpretation of the character adds a layer of hilarity to the character’s representation. The actor busts out laughing, and everyone in the room joins in.