Tarot and astrology are similar as both of these are systems that provide a useful insight into yourself, your goals, and your future. Astrological divination is based on moving planets or planetary bodies. On the other hand, tarot is random. The cards are shuffled and drawn to predict your future. A tarot card reading online is a beautiful tool for self-reflection. Tarot is based upon archetypes and symbolism to weave together a story for better guidance on planets and zodiac signs.

Zodiacs and Tarot Card Reading


Aries is symbolic of the fire, and it is the Emperor. This card also consists of the take-charge energy of leadership. It also is suggestive of impatience, as the Emperor is always in action to get victory over things immediately. These people have impulsive personalities. And just like the Emperor, these people are very proactive with the cardinal signs.


The zodiac is symbolic of Hierophant and corresponds with a fixed earth sign. This card is symbolic of spiritual tradition, wisdom, and morality. These people tend to choose tried-and-true methods instead of straying from the trodden path. This sign is also known for being stubborn, as the energy comes from the traditional vibes of the Hierophant.


The Lovers are associated with the air sign of Gemini. This card is also associated with duality, partnership, and making choices. According to a reputed tarot reader, Gemini has the twin lovers symbol. Its energy embodies two opposing ends of a spectrum, and it is also dualistic. These people are quick-thinking and tend to aggregate information to make an informed decision.


Cancer is symbolic of the Chariot, according to online tarot card reading. The Chariot is associated with the water sign in this zodiac. This card is about protecting oneself. The card is all about our protective self in times of distress. Cancer is also a protective sign of the zodiac. So the protective armour of the Chariot is symbolic of nourishment, safety, and comfort.


Strength is associated with the fire sign, Leo. This card is associated with the power of control and independence. It is also symbolic of a balanced sense of power. The energy of Leo provides energy to the centre of attention. This zodiac royal is associated with warmth, passion, and heart. These qualities align the zodiac beautifully with the Strength card’s themes.


The Hermit is associated with the earth sign, Virgo. This card deals with our inner wisdom, internal passions, and deeper understanding. Similarly, Virgo is a sign with good knowledge and high analysing power. Its analytical and internal energy is to improve the quality of the soul. According to the online tarot experts, the Hermit-style is the best way to serve for the upliftment of the soul. 


Justice corresponds with Libra, and it has the air sign associated with it. This card is related to finding the truth, finding balance, and choosing the pros and cons to ensure Justice. Libra, which is represented by the symbol of the scales, also represents harmony and fairness. It is symbolic of Justice, and the card denotes a balanced proportion in life.


Death is associated with the water sign Scorpio. As we are scared about Death, the card is often a cause of fear in the tarot. However, Scorpios in astrology don’t necessarily are symbolic of literal Death or danger. Instead, they are symbolic of intense and potential change. When the old chapter closes, this card is also associated with transformation and new beginnings. Similarly, Scorpio is the sign of transformation and resurrection to find the inner truth that facilitates continuous change.


The fire sign is associated with Temperance. This card also signifies moderation, mediation, and the search for enlightenment. Similarly, Sagittarius is considered the truth-seeking sign. It is looking for freedom and honesty. Sagittarius is often considered a passionate fire sign, but it is also philosophical and spiritual. It represents an urge for deeper meaning. The energy of this card is often referred to as Temperance’s meaningful vibe.


The Devil is associated with the earth sign, Capricorn. The Devil is the material world, cost, and material gains. Capricorn focuses on material wealth and success, and it is also the most hard-working zodiac. But, of course, it is hard to achieve material gain, and the Devil makes us aware of indulgence in the material world.


The Star is symbolic of Aquarius. This card deals with rebirth, rejuvenation, and new hope. Similarly, Aquarius has the visionary power of looking forward. Aquarius people are the best at inventing new ideas for collective wellness. Both Aquarius and the Star are symbolic of unending possibilities in the womb of the future.


The Moon is associated with the mutable water sign, Pisces. The card deals with our feelings and travelling in the unknown. It is also associated with the hidden shadows of our unconscious. It is a metaphysical sign to explore the unknown.


So, here are some glimpses of the significance of the tarot cards according to zodiac signs. You can also take help from tarot card reading online to learn more about it.