The Audi A3 is a series that has been around for a long time. It is a superb machine that works flawlessly and offers an experience that every driver enjoys. This is why you need to understand the changes that are made to the 2022 model as well as various other details before you decide to purchase it by driving to Morgan Hill Audi dealership. The list starts with slight changes involved as well as details about powertrain, interior, pricing, etc.

Changes in 2022 Audi A3

There haven’t been many changes to this version; however, Audi ensured to put massive transformation in this car’s base model. Also, this vehicle now features a sharp styling that makes it appealing along with an interior design that is loaded with updated tech features.

A3 sedan structure will be sold exclusively in North American countries and this exclusivity makes this vehicle more fetching to people. Also, there are subtle changes in the powertrain and interior to make it as updated as possible for the 2022 variant.

Now take a look at the powertrain and some other aspects below!

Powertrain of 2022 A3

The powertrain available for the North American markets includes the four-cylinder 2L turbocharged engine that generates 201 horsepower. Moreover, it is available on both FWD and AWD drivetrains. This engine is teamed with a standard automatic 7-speed for always having correct gear changes.

Audi declared that there might be a hybrid option available later but for now, this is the sole powertrain that people can purchase. Satisfying acceleration, crisp handling, and refined ride quality are some of the things that an owner of this vehicle can enjoy when driving it.

The EPA estimate is not available and hence, is not possible to determine the mileage provided by the 2022 version. However, you can always reach Audi dealership Morgan Hill to gather such info as well as book this vehicle in advance.

Interior changes

A lot of changes can be seen in the design of the interior of A3. It has been updated to offer more styling to compete equally with its rivals. Digital gauge display, hand-stitched panel, quilted seating, and faux-suede upholstery are some of the changes that are made to 2022 A3 cabin.

Also, ample space is available in the trunk to hold plenty of carry-ons and an abundance of space for leg stretching and headroom makes it a very comfortable car to drive around in. Dual-display setup along with infotainment touchscreen, climate control, navigation, and more are available.

Trims and prices

Though the company hasn’t released the comprehensive list of versions available the known ones include Premium, Premium Plus, and Prestige, and prices of these variants are estimated to be $34,945, $38,245, and $42,245 respectively.

You know now the subtle changes made to the 2022 trim along with other specifications that have been implemented in this model. Therefore, you can visit a dealer if you are looking to get even more precise details or looking to take a test drive or book one in advance.