Nothing makes a man look better than a high-quality shirt, whether, in business, leisure, or evening, both men and women want to look good in a shirt that fits well. Here are some signs of a good quality Vlone shirt that make it popular and widely accepted. Sometimes it is better to empty your wallet on a designer brand that will last for years rather than a disposable fashion item that is thrown away before the season. These are the signs of good quality Vlone shirts that you can buy directly from the Vlone website.


Most quality shirts are made from polyester and cotton, but that doesn’t mean that a small percentage of synthetic fibers are necessarily bad and cheap to make and without skilled labor. Usually, the good quality can only be noticed by feeling the fabric, but if you don’t have an eye for quality, check the inside label to see the content of the fabric.


Identifying high-quality seams is fairly easy when you know the signs to watch out for, and especially when you place a poorly sewn item next to a high-quality item. First, the seams of the Vlone shirt are always clean and neat, there are no loops, which means that the seams are loose and fray easily, and there are no loose threads anywhere in the garment. The shoulder seams are thicker to facilitate movement of the shoulders and there are seams to support the back (the yoke, more on that later …


The buttons of a Vlone shirt are well sewn. Try to pull them lightly (but not too hard) to make sure they are tightly closed. If they feel loose and easy to remove, ask the manufacturer to make it right from the Vlone website. Plastic buttons are generally used on cheaper shirts, mother-of-pearl buttons are usually a better quality brand and are crossed to keep them secure.

Striped and Patterned 

If you are looking for a striped or patterned shirt, all patterns should be aligned throughout the shirt. For example, if the shirt is striped, the strips should be aligned from neck to cuff, if the strips don’t match or look crooked, this is a sign of poor workmanship. But at the Vlone website, you will get a 100% high-quality shirt with perfect stitch.


The yoke is efficiently stitched to make you feel more comfortable and you can move your back and shoulders freely. Quality Vlone shirts usually have a split shoulder yoke, the seams are removed a few inches from the neck (at the back of the shirt) and then sewn at the back, creating two separate compartments for the shoulders. This allows for comfortable back and shoulder movement.


The collar does not have bubbles or pleats. A highly comfortable collar is the symbol of a Vlone Shirt. 

Final Words:

Vlone is a popular brand among all age groups for both casual and formal occasions. Just go to the Vlone website and order new shirts for this new season now! Read more articles at cherishsisters.