Falling Apart

Marriages are supposed to last lifelong but there’s no guarantee to have a lasting relationship. When two people spend a considerable amount of time together, there will be differences and issues. No matter how well you know your partner, at some point, you both could fail to understand each other. This is because human emotions are complex. So, no matter how perfect your marriage is, every relationship has its fair share of ups and downs. There will be tough times when the person you love doesn’t agree with your opinion or you feel disconnected from your spouse. The problem is couples often start taking these fights and arguments as normal. They don’t realize the damage constant arguments are causing. Even if you patch up quickly, incessant arguments create differences that could grow over time. Failing to resolve issues results in widening the gap between spouses. If things are not mended on time, this gap could get too big that your relationship could fall apart.

How to Know Your Marriage is Falling Apart? 

There is nothing to worry about occasional arguments that get resolved. It’s normal for couples to fight but taking each other for granted and ignoring serious issues could take a toll on your relationship. After spending years together, you may start thinking that your relationship can overcome every obstacle. It’s good to have an optimistic attitude but couples should keep analyzing their relationship to strengthen their bond. Loss of trust, miscommunication, lack of respect, different priorities, or lack of intimacy could make your marriage fall apart. If you want to keep your marriage intact, keep an eye on some warning signs that indicate your relationship is falling apart. Identifying issues early can help you make amends and save your marriage. The common signs are:

1. Losing Emotional Connection

In a healthy relationship, both husband and wife share their best and worst thoughts and issues. They build a strong emotional bond. But men often fail to understand that women are different and have complex emotions. The husband could easily dismiss his wife’s thoughts or issues calling them irrelevant. When you keep telling her that she is overreacting or being over-sensitive, a time may come when she will stop discussing anything and get distant. In a healthy relationship, both partners should feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and opinions with one another without being judged. But when your wife feels misunderstood, the bond could weaken. If you notice that your wife no longer shares anything with you or the emotional connection is lost, it’s time to reconnect. A marriage counselor can also help you know how to get wife back and rebuild your emotional bond.

2. Lack of Physical Intimacy 

If you or your partner has lost interest in physical intimacy, it’s a sign of an underlying problem. Physical intimacy is a significant aspect of every marriage and when sexual desire declines, it can impact your relationship. Bad sex life doesn’t necessarily mean the relationship is over. Sometimes, this could be due to other factors such as health issues or work burden. However, there’s a problem when you have a sexual desire but are no longer sexually attracted to your partner. This is a common problem in couples who have stayed together for too long. If the longevity of the relationship is the cause of reduced attraction, try to bring back that spark to avoid a breakup or divorce. 

3. Disrespect

Cheating or infidelity creates trust issues. When you cheat on your partner, it becomes difficult for him/her to trust you again. Even if your extramarital affair is over and your married life seems to be back on track, infidelity often leaves a permanent scar. Your partner loses all respect for you. So, you need to focus on regaining that trust and respect.