Water Purifier
Water Purifier

A water purifier exhibits several symptoms that point to the need for maintenance. The most frequent indications that your water purifier needs repairs are often poor water output, unpleasant noise, and odour in the water. But according to the water purifier specialist, a water purifier should receive adequate maintenance every three months on average.

The majority of people are unaware that regular and periodic water purifier maintenance keeps the equipment effective and durable. However, consumers only call a specialist to maintain their water filter when it is entirely inoperable. It primarily occurs because people don’t know when to get their water purifiers serviced.

When Should You Book a Water Purifier Service?

This article will discuss the signs indicating that your RO water filter needs servicing. Here are the top ones:

  • Low Water Pressure

When your filter becomes clogged and the water drains slowly, this is the most obvious sign that your RO water purifier needs servicing. You must be aware that water contaminants produce blockages, especially for water with a high TDS level. 

In this scenario, you’ll note that the water is passing through your filter with very little pressure. At this point, you should contact a RO service near me in Jaipur. Reputed firms always offer the greatest service and can easily replace your RO purifier for you.

  • Change in Taste

You won’t ingest the metals, minerals, or germs present in tap water if you drink reverse osmosis water. The absence of chlorine flavour and odour is another important factor in why people enjoy the taste of RO water so much. That taste is a clear indication that you must replace your system’s carbon filters. To receive delicious RO water, make it a practice to change them at least once a year.

  • Long Time to Fill Water

Your RO purifier may occasionally take longer to fill than usual or fail to fill at all. Low water pressure or a blocked filter membrane could be responsible. Professionals can address a different cause by adding a water pump to the purifier. They know the best ways to repair these issues without endangering your well-being.

  • Unusual Noises

Do not ignore any strange noises coming from your water filter. This type of noise mainly comes from the water pump. These water pumps are in charge of sustaining the RO purifier’s water pressure. After prolonged usage, the bearings may vibrate rapidly and intensely. Your water purifier subsequently damages as a result of this. Therefore, you must immediately book a maintenance service so they can replace your water pump and protect your water purifier.

  • Water Becomes Cloudy

As you are aware, pure water always seems to be transparent, clear, and colourless. If the water is cloudy, it signifies there are contaminants, and it doesn’t undergo proper filtration. This occurs when your RO water filter isn’t functioning properly, and the hazy water may also be dangerous to your health. If your drinking water starts to cloud up, it’s time to change your RO filter, according to water treatment services.

  • Higher TDS Levels in Water

TDS or total dissolved solids are a sign of how pure the water is. High TDS levels are present in impure water. You can notice that the water tastes a little salty and feels hard as the filters start to deteriorate. The ability of water to create white spots on drinking glasses is another indication of high TDS levels.

A TDS meter, which is commonly accessible online or at hardware stores, may be helpful for monitoring the TDS levels of your drinking water. Check the TDS of the water and record it somewhere secure for future use whenever you change the filters and RO membrane in your water purifier. A sharp rise in TDS levels suggests that the membrane and filter need immediate replacement or the input water quality has deteriorated.

  • Continuously Running Water Purifier

A water purifier operates continuously, but when the water storage tank is full, it shuts off on its own. When there is an issue with water flow or receiving insufficient water entry, your water purifier finds it challenging to fill the tank. A continually operating system requires thorough examination or servicing to achieve the greatest results from your water purifier.

These are a few symptoms that point to the necessity for immediate water filter maintenance. The RO membrane and filters may occasionally need replacement as well. Prior to calling a water purifier service in Jaipur to change your RO water filter, you should confirm whether or not they are providing you with legitimate services.