Silliest myths about women

Despite being around for just as long as men, women are still considered to be an enigma. There are all sorts of myths, ranging from silly to downright stupid about female bodies. 

We explore some of these to enlighten those who do not know any better and give women an opportunity to have a good laugh.

Silly myths about women

Women can choose to hold in their period

Many men tend to believe that women can hold their period in, like urine. This silly misconception cannot be farther from reality; menstrual cycle is not subjected to the whims of the women. 

Else, they would save themselves the pains and problems that periods bring, instead of rushing to the best gynecologist in Lahore constantly. 

Menstrual cycle is regulated by hormones. The flow cannot be moderated and can even go off track if there are any issues with their hormones. 

Sex is supposed to be painful for women 

Another silly misconception that men have is that sex is supposed to painful for women. A lazy excuse for their selfishness, sex is a pleasurable activity for men and women. Some women might have tight pelvic floor muscles, but a doctor can help with that. 

Women cannot be friends with other women 

A lot of men hold the belief that women are always catty; they cannot get along with other women. This notion also sets to further the glorious bro-code. 

However, there is no truth to this silly myth. Women can be friends with other women, and in fact, are. However, much like any relationship, there can be friction between women. That does not mean all women hate each other.

They urinate from their vaginas

A horrifically silly myth is that women pee from their vaginas; the exact reason why Sex-Ed needs to be taught. Vagina is a tract that connects to the uterus. Urine is carried out of the body through urethra. It is present in proximity to the vagina but cannot be confused with it. Moreover, men also urinate from their urethra, so perhaps, men need to understand their bodies as well. 

Women can lactate, whenever 

There are some men who think that all women can lactate, literally whenever. They think the breast tissue is secretly hoarding a milk storage unit, that can be emptied on whim.

What they do not know is that lactation is a process determined by hormonal changes that occur in the aftermath of delivery. 

Tampons are fun 

A gross misconception is that tampons are fun, just because they are placed in the vagina. Far from reality, and on a different planet altogether, this myth has absolutely no basis in reality. 

Yes, there are nerves in the nether region that give sexual pleasure, but tampons do not. Moreover, only men can think periods to be a joyride for women, with tampon as cherry on top. 

Birth control for women is very easy

Men are also under the very wrong impression that birth control is very easy for women. They then use it as an excuse to not wear condoms, and make birth control the responsibility for women. 

Unfortunately, this myth is silly and untrue. Hormonal birth control leads to hormonal changes in the body, that have an impact on the overall health. Permanent and semi-permanent contraceptives also have influence on the well-being of women. 

PMS is nothing real; it is women being temperamental 

PMS has become the punchline for so many jokes and jabs. If any woman is being temperamental, even rightfully so, men tend to shrug it off as women having PMS. 

What men do not realize is PMS, or premenstrual syndrome, is a painful condition for most women. It is not only remarked by cramps, pain, bloating, mood swings, but it gravely impacts the emotional health as well. 
Some women have a more severe form of PMS, known as PMDD—premenstrual dysmorphic disorder –that leads to depression, extreme pain, and physical discomfort. PMDD is disruptive to life and may also require treatment from a gynecologist in karachi. Hence, PMS is nothing to joke about. It is a rather serious matter.