Today, in the online bathroom vanity and bathroom supply store, you can find a large selection of different models of vanities with a sink. Depending on the preferences of the customer, the manufacturer offers the customer the pedestals of the desired shape, design, execution, size, and volume. 
Traditionally, a washbasin with a vanity unit in the bathroom is divided into two types by design.
The washbasin with a vanity unit can be wall-mounted. Such models are attached to the vertical surface of the bathroom with brackets. Models such as “Venus” or “Madeleine” are best suited for small bathrooms. Suspended cabinets are more compact and versatile in use.
The Blossom Colmar cabinet is a small model with the following dimensions: width – 18 “, height – 34″, depth – 12”. Featuring one soft-closing door for additional storage. This mechanism softens the impact on contact with the furniture cabinet. The ceramic washbasin model of your choice is installed on the cabinet top.
If the Colmar is as compact as possible, then the second model – the Lexora sink with a vanity unit – is wider. The cabinet dimensions are as follows: 84 inch vanity, height – 36″, depth – 20″. In this model, several deep drawers and shelves are offered for use by the customer.

In the second case, you can purchase a cabinet for installation on the floor or have a custom handcrafted cabinet made by one of your Local Cabinet Makers. The washbasin with a vanity unit is installed either with adjustable legs or directly on the floor. In the collection of plumbing stores, cabinets of this type prevail due to their functionality. The Constantia model has a more “slim” shape: 34 “high, 37” wide, and 21 “deep. In this version – two large drawers for storing things. A ceramic sink, its rectangular shape, and elegant look will be a decoration of the room.The wall-mounted washbasin has a versatile design and fits into any bathroom decor. Hanging curbstones are an opportunity to experiment in exclusive room design.
The curbstones of the New Bathroom Style showroom are made of painted MDF. They use fittings from the famous Dowell brand to create this furniture, which customers trust throughout the USA. The body of the product is covered with several layers of primer and moisture-resistant paint – for more excellent protection against aggressive environments and rapidly changing temperature conditions in the bathroom. Buying a washbasin with a cabinet in an online plumbing store means purchasing a high-quality product at manufacturer’s prices with a professional warranty and post-warranty service.
At the client’s choice – the color palette of the selected model of the washbasin and countertop. On an individual order for a client, buy in New York a washbasin with a cabinet, made in one or different colors. This could be a washbasin cabinet in white only, like Blossom Sydney. Another option is a compilation of different colors: black and white in different proportions, like Socimobel with a washbasin of the chosen color, a white cabinet with only a red washbasin, or with a red washbasin and a countertop of the same color. You have the opportunity to create an exciting combination of colors and buy a washbasin with a cabinet of optimal shape and color.