As an entrepreneur, it seems exciting to start your own company. In the early stages, your ultimate goal is to keep your operating costs to a minimum and make more profits. And obviously you’ve made a decision to develop a software project by now and now you have to ask yourself who to choose – whether you want to hire a freelance developer or hire a software development company! Well, it is really very difficult to decide as both options have their advantages and disadvantages. And in the hustle and bustle of making money, many business owners or entrepreneurs make the worst mistake of hiring a freelancer or freelance software developer for their business. While hiring a freelance software developer certainly has its advantages, hiring a Custom Mobile App Development Company gives you so much. In this article we will explain why!

Reasons to hire a software development company

Perhaps you’ve found a dedicated and highly skilled freelance software developer or freelancer. There are obviously some good people out there as well. It doesn’t hurt to also approach them on Upwork, You Team, or Fever and check their reviews and portfolio. However, they cannot know everything, even if they are equipped with a lot of experience and in-depth knowledge. However, it is much more convenient to work with a professional software development company who will provide you with a team of experienced developers for your project and who will take care of the technical part from development to deployment.

Because the development company has a team of eclectic developers, they are better trained in certain areas than others, and that’s the beauty of hiring a software development agency. With multiple software developers, the entire team can bring something unique in the plate. Let’s take a closer look at why it’s better to hire a software development agency.

  1. Reliable for big projects and Start-up development

A fully dedicated software development company can offer a full software development cycle and approach. They help you in every way from advice to business analysis to the evaluation of business ideas. These steps are very important especially if you are new to the business and are trying to build your brand and this whole process requires experts from different fields like developers, QA engineers, designers, business analysts and other professionals as well. Each expert in their respective field plays a unique and important role, in contrast to freelancers, who are more of an all-in-one.

A software development company assigns a task to the respective specialist who is an expert in this field, works on schedule and meets the customer’s requirements. The company is responsible for appointing a project manager as well as handling the entire project and communicating with the customer if necessary.

In short, unlike a freelance developer, a software development agency can take care of your product or service from idea to launch.

Even when it comes to hiring a software development company, some of them specialize in delivering eCommerce, AI, and blockchain industrial projects. This is how they understand your needs and the latest trends that are happening in the current time. You can also understand what technology to use for a better result.

  • Team Quality and Stability

Because the software development agency is flexible and can provide you with highly skilled and experienced engineering skills, you can expand or shrink your team based on the changing needs of your project. By hiring a software development agency, you can choose a flexible model according to your project requirements and communicate with the project manager at any time.

On the other hand, freelance software developers are now also familiar with other technical skills or flexibility. So, you have to do this on your own. And even if you hire other professionals, this process can take a while.

  • Diverse Expertise

Another advantage of hiring a software development company over freelancers is the diverse expertise. Hiring a software development company means hiring a pool of professionals – designers, developers, managers, QA experts, etc. with extensive knowledge and skills. The developers have worked with different types of projects and therefore have great expertise. You are almost always a seasoned expert who is always ready to solve a specific problem.

Even when it comes to hiring a software development company, some of them specialize in delivering eCommerce, AI, and blockchain industrial projects. This is how they understand your needs and the latest trends that are happening in the current time. You can also understand what technology to use for a better result.

  • Timely Project Management

A software development company not only writes code for your project, but also manages the task and works with the internal team. The project developmental phase of your product becomes much smoother if you hire a development agency instead of a freelance developer. Business analysts collect the project requirements from the customer, analyse them, make recommendations, create a technical document and estimate the scope of work.

The software development company is constantly organizing the meetings to make sure everyone knows what phase the project is in and to avoid clutter during the development cycle. In addition, a project manager takes care of everything from customer communication to meeting deadlines. You don’t need to hire a CTO or project manager to take care of such things, but the agency will ensure that role by assigning a dedicated manager to your project. Such managers form a bridge between the customer and the development team.

  • Latest technology and Trend

In order to stay one step ahead of the competition, each organization adapts the latest technologies and implements development methods and standards for your project. Companies are constantly evolving and improving techniques and lead times. They know the latest software, technology trends and new programming languages. So, you can offer up-to-date solutions.


In summary, we can say here that it’s not a great comparison between freelancers and software development agencies. If you want to build something serious and good, the freelancer is not a great choice. A software development company plays an important role during your project development cycle and teamwork ensures that your work is done correctly and on time. For the final user-centric output, you need to hire a software development company who will do their best to ensure that your goals are met. We are sure that this article will help you making a wise choice.

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