Are you going through constipation and searching for some good tips that can erase your constipation issue? If yes, then this article can prove helpful. Constipation is highly annoying and harmful to your health as well. If you are constipated, then your life can be disturbed to a great extent. Hence without any delay, let’s delve into the article to know amazing tips.

Try to change your daily routine.

We all know that if you skip exercise from your life and stop focusing on your diet, your chances of getting constipation are enhanced. Keep in mind that you can’t bring changes overnight. So, try to bring small changes to your lifestyle daily.  We are also going to share some of the tips on Piemed.

Ensure to fix your mealtime and eat at that time every day

Add bran cereal to your morning meal.

Do exercise right after your breakfast

Enhance your physical activity

Go for the food that has a high content of fiber

If you feel an urge to defecate, then go for it as soon as possible

Rather than going for unhealthy options, eat fruits and nuts as a snack

Replace white rice and white bread with brown rice and whole wheat bread.

Take proper sleep

Join a gym if possible

Go for a fiber supplement.

Fiber supplement assists in building up the stool. The bulky stool makes it easy to contract the bowel so the fecal material can push out conveniently. 

It is worth mentioning that consult your doctor first and go for supplements after taking their advice. Additionally, keep in mind that supplements are not that healthy, so firstly, try your best to fix the issue of constipation by bringing positive and effective changes in your lifestyle.

Consume more dietary fibers

A convenient way that can assist you in easing constipation is to go for eating foods that have more fiber in them. It is important to mention that the mixture of complex carbohydrates is regarded as dietary fiber. Bran of whole-grain and plant’s leaves and stems are sources of dietary fiber. In addition to that, seeds, fruits, nuts and vegetables are among great sources of dietary fiber as well. Here we are going to enlist some excellent sources of dietary fiber.

Whole wheat bread

Bran flakes

Fruits like bananas, apples, oranges etc


Shredded bread

Take laxatives

If your constipation gets worse, then according to your doctor’s recommendation, you can go for laxatives. But always bear in mind that they are the short-run solution. If you go for laxatives for the long-term, they can become the reason for several issues such as dehydration and electrolyte balance. 

Final Thoughts

To conclude the article, we would like to say that never take constipation light rather go for the treatment as soon as possible. Most people don’t take it seriously eventually, they have to suffer from several other complications. We are hopeful that the tips mentioned in this article can assist you in getting rid of constipation.