The most important rule of web design is to make your site easy to use. What does this mean? It is important to choose the right background and text colours. Backgrounds that block your text or make it difficult to read are not recommended. It is easier to read dark-coloured text against a light background than lighter-coloured text against a darker background.

Also, you don’t want your text to be too small (it will be difficult to read) or too big (it will make your visitors shout). Capitalised letters can give off the impression that you are shouting at visitors.

Your main text should be aligned to the left. Headlines that are centre-aligned work best. Your visitors should feel comfortable reading what you have written. Most text is left aligned and get website development at issh tech.

Your website should be easy to navigate.

Your visitors should understand all hyperlinks. Graphic images such as tabs or buttons should be easily readable and clearly labeled. Your web graphic designer should carefully choose the colours, backgrounds, textures, and special effects that you use in your web graphics. Your navigation buttons and tabs should be simple to understand and easy to use. Flashy effects are not an option. If possible, link colours should be easily understood by your visitor. Blue text indicates an unvisited hyperlink and purple text indicates a visited one.

Your text links can be highlighted in a different way if you don’t want to use the default colours. For example, boldfaced or larger font sizes are placed between small vertical lines or both. Text links must be unique. They should not look like any other text on your website. People shouldn’t click on headings if they believe that they are links.

Visitors should be able find the information they need on your site in three clicks. They will likely leave your site as soon as they click on it.

Your website should be easy-to-find.

Get website development services at Tokla App. How do you get your visitors to find you online? Companies and organisations new to the Internet still believe in the myth that “If I create a website, they will come”. If you don’t promote your website online and offline, people won’t come to your site.

Online promotion of websites is done via directories, award sites and banner advertising. An online marketing professional can help you promote your site if you don’t know any of these terms.

Online promotion of web sites can be done via traditional advertising methods such as print ads, radio, television and brochures. Word-of-mouth is another option. All printed materials, including business cards and letterhead, as well as invoices, should be created once you have created a website. Your URL should be printed on all printed materials.

Your web site should be easy-to-find. People want to know that someone is available at the other end of their web site in case they need help.

1. They require answers to questions that aren’t readily accessible on your website.

2. If an element of your website isn’t working properly, end users must be able tell you.

3. To ensure that your site is in the best category, directory editors will need to modify certain parts of your site.

You create a sense security for your end-users by giving them all the relevant contact information (physical, telephone, fax, and email addresses). You can reach them in the manner that makes them most at ease.

The web page design and layout should be consistent across the site.

Any document created on a word processor, or in any brochure, newsletter or newspaper formatted in a desktop publishing software, all graphic elements and elements, typefaces and headings should be consistent across your website. A professional image is created by consistency and coherence in all documents, no matter if they are a report or a collection of pages.

Drop shadows can be used to create special effects in bullet points. Your link-colours should be consistent across your web pages.

This is especially important for colour-coded web pages. The typefaces, alignment of the main text and headings, background effects and special effects on graphics must all remain the same. 

Your website should be easy to download.

Studies show that visitors lose interest in your site if more than 15 seconds pass between downloading a majority of the pages. Artist pages should include a warning at their top. Even websites that are targeted at high-end users should consider downloading times. Accessing websites like Sun Microsystems or Microsoft can be so complicated and time-consuming that many visitors will try to access them from home during non-working hours. Minimizing the time it takes to download is important if your company does not have a strong brand name.

This rule can be applied to your website by adding animation. Animation graphics can be attractive and catch your attention at first glance. However, they tend to be large files. First, check the speed at which your pages download. The animation should only be considered if the page’s download time is short.

Final note: Before you decide on the personal preferences for your web page design, you need to consider all the rules and then adapt them accordingly. Your website’s purpose should never be influenced by the attitude that “I don’t like it how it looks”. What is more important, creative expression/corporate image, or running a successful company?

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