The trend of using Korean products is fairly new but those who have been using these products for a longer period of time know one thing for sure: Korean products make an actual difference to your skin. One brand among these, in particular, is known for its high regard for moisturizing and hydration levels in the skin. This brand is known as Laneige. It has been in the market for a long time now and is specifically known for its great skincare products. We have listed some of the products that you need to have in your beauty bag if you are a real skincare person.

Lip Sleeping Mask

If you didn’t know this, hear it now. The award-winning lip sleeping mask by Laneige has become one of the bestselling products in Sephora stores globally. Although it is supposed to be used at night as a night balm to lock moisture in your lips, it was just too good for people not to use it during daytime too. It consists of an antioxidant vitamin C rich blend which makes it ideal for people to use it all day long. This product originally came in Berry flavor but after its massive success, the brand decided to launch it in other exciting flavors such as vanilla, peach iced tea, and apple lime.

Water Sleeping Mask

This is a golden product in skincare and people are loving its results. You can consider it as a big version of the Lip sleeping mask. This gel-type textured cream is made from a mineral rich antioxidant infused formula and has a gel-like texture that easily spreads and melts on the skin. It is a perfect cream for overnight hydration and has shown some prominent results.

Radian-C Cream

Once you have this product on your skincare shelf, you can forget about dull skin because this cream is a dull skin killer. Not only is it very hydrating but it also comes with the benefits of a vitamin C serum built in with the addition of 8.5 percent vitamin C derivative EAE. It has a cushiony creamy texture which makes it glide magically on the skin. Women and men who have used it have seen instant results.

Cream Skin Toner & Moisturizer

You have yet to see another product that is legitimately known to be both a great toner and moisturizer at the same time. Though many brands claim that their toners can be used as moisturizers, this product has practically implemented it. Its lightweight liquid form gives you the moisture of thick cream and also provides you with the prepping qualities of a tone to boot your skin.

Multi Deep-Clean Cleanser

The Multi Deep-Clean Cleanser is more than just a face wash. It not only provides you with a deep cleansing of the skin removing all the dirt particles and makeup but also cleanses and exfoliates your skin in other ways. It gently exfoliates the skin, clearing away the dead skin and removing extra sebum from the skin.