Business Ideas

The world economy is almost destroyed after the outbreak of Covid-19. Many developing and under-developed countries are facing recession. India’s employment rate was over 37% in 2020 which fell down by 1% in June 2021. Last we checked Qatar has the lowest employment rate (0.1%) in the world. But to sustain one’s living the evolving youth wants to create job opportunities for themselves and their fellow unemployed. For young people living in India, the government provides kkisan opportunities to grow quickly and easily.   

Any business requires two major things: capital and concept to establish them. But lots of you are taking this as a hurdle without wanting to overcome it, so we have gathered our wide-ranged research to help you get started!! 

Some of The Best Business Ideas at Low Investment:

# E-grocery platforms:

As we’ve mentioned earlier that the pandemic has affected how the global community works. Things are somewhat coming back to normal but with reformed Business Ideas.

Grocery shopping was a major headache in quarantine with shops/supermarkets getting closed in bizarre hours, customers stacking supplies which led to inequity.

Indian e-grocery giants like a big basket, Amazon Fresh, Grofers, etc couldn’t handle the intense amounts of orders rushing in. Nevertheless tried their best to deliver to our doorsteps.

The good news is that you too could invest in a small scale to set up your grocery start-up and do it locally to test your plans before branching out.

# Organic fertilizers production:

Organic fertilizers are those which are manufactured from plant or animal-based containing carbon.

Organic fertilizers contain various organic acids, peptides, and other nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus) that aids microbial breeding, and also change the chemical and physical properties of the soil.

The production process is highly controlled as the engineering of this fertilizer production equipment is automated with easy operation.

It has fairly convenient maintenance while you can be consistent with producing premium quality.

Agrimachinery nic will help you accumulate the fundamental apparatuses to produce organic fertilizers.

# Mushroom farming:

Here’s the mystical agriculture guide to mushroom farming. Mushroom cultivation is immensely cheap and requires very little space to cultivate.

India has an in-grown supply of button, oyster, and paddy straw mushrooms. Uttar Pradesh is the largest supplier in the whole country followed by Tripura and Kerala.

The Total Non-Recurring Costs in Mushroom Cultivation: Rs. 1, 50,000 making it so much easier for you to collect capital.

The licenses required to legally register your mushroom farming business needs are FSSAI registration and license, GST registration & Trade license.

The mushroom farming process consists of several steps prior to harvesting and they are composting, spawning, casing, pinning.

Pros and Cons:

A real-life Business Ideas require time to grow, so you as an investor have to be patient with gaining profit.

It’s going to be a startup thus it has equal chances of failing or becoming another huge brand so keep this in consideration.

As a small-scale business, you will enjoy complete freedom in inputting decisions for the welfare of your company. Unfortunately, 4 out of 5 businesses fail within the first 5 years. Committing your time 9 hours or more a day becomes challenging for most people.

For small-scale businesses collecting funds can get really burdensome as Banks might not grant loans very easily.


Now that we’ve given you an idea of the businesses that you could potentially invest in, you as an entrepreneur have to take risks if you want the business to emerge. Being too optimistic in this area is not suggested; rather take into account the various situations that could lead your business to fail. The small business allows for you to gain experience and also the leisure to not face a major loss.