photo studios

There are many stylish and lively photo studios. The interior of our studio is filled with beauty and romance. For you, halls with beautiful decorations that change every season. Modern equipment and all the necessary services for unforgettable photos!

Large windows and high ceilings allow you to use both natural and artificial light. Only professional photographers, makeup artists, and stylists work with us; there is also a large selection of dresses for rent in the studio. At your service is a comfortable dressing room separate from the halls with a large dressing table, wifi, tea, and coffee.

A variety of interiors and professional equipment is the perfect combination for any type of best photoshoot: family and children, wedding photography and bride’s morning,

individual, pending, love story, shooting of birthdays, events and holidays, professional or advertising fashion photography.
If you need a photo session, and you still cannot decide where and who will do it, h2 is the best photo studio that is ready not only to provide you with rooms with equipment for rent but also to conduct all types of photo sessions that will make you truly happy.


Why do personal photoshoots? There are, in fact, an incredible number of reasons. We will try to name only the most basic ones.

  • Girls and women should definitely arrange photoshoots for themselves to see how beautiful they are. In the daily hustle and bustle, it is easy to stop appreciating your individuality, and through photographs, you will look at yourself differently, love yourself anew. Isn’t it a miracle?
  • Photo sessions are needed in order to preserve memories. Agree, you are happy to look at pictures of 2, 3, 5 years ago?
  • Photos are often needed for portfolios and personal websites. Every year this becomes an increasingly common reason why people come to a photo session.

Whatever the occasion, a professional photographer at h2 photo studio will provide you with the best possible photography that you will enjoy for years to come. After all, photographs are a moment imprinted in eternity. You should save as much time as you can!


Some best photo studios have been providing the best preparation for a photo session. First, choose a photographer to plan your photoshoot. It all depends on it.

  • how you will feel while shooting
  • will you and the photographer understand each other
  • whether you see the result that should be obtained in the same way

In the h2 Studio team, all photographers are great professionals, so you definitely don’t have to worry about the quality and beauty of your photos. However, you can explore the entire portfolio and choose the one you like the most.

Next, we will together determine the most suitable room for a photo session, depending on your personal wishes, the planned image, and the nature of the shooting.

When all the points are agreed upon, we will select the most convenient shooting time for you, and our professionals will help you with recommendations on the selection of clothes for Singapore family photo shoot services.

On the day of the shooting, you will not have to worry at all. It is important to be on time for the shooting. All other matters are the responsibility of our team.

Sometimes it isn’t as easy as it looks. We know how to make it as pleasant and comfortable as possible. We promise you will be able to enjoy every moment, and the result will be breathtaking photos.

Photo services market overview

The modern photo services market is very different from what we are used to. As all household services changed in the early 2000s, so the centers of photo printing services gradually disappeared, the wedding photography studio was transformed, the shops selling photographic equipment added new ones to their powers. Today it is not enough just to offer a studio, to shoot well and wait for clients in one place.

The center of Singapore is home to h2 Studio which is one of the biggest studios in the area. Guests have access to nine filming rooms, two dressing rooms, and a large number of props. For a family photoshoot, the Soft room is suitable, for shooting in the scenery of a private jet, the Fly room is provided, for professional Fashion and advertising photography, you can rent a room with a cyclorama, and for a colorful imperial-style shooting, it is advised to book a Baroque room.

The versatility of the sphere lies in the fact that photography serves a wide variety of aspects of human life. It is memory, art, an exciting process, and a rapidly changing industry. Interest in her does not fall but only changes.