Spelling Bee Tips
Spelling Bee Tips

It doesn’t take a lot of time to get registered in the spelling bee contest. However, it takes a lot of effort, resilience, passion, and diligence to win. Students work throughout the year to make it to the next level. But the question is; what does it take to win? Is it only passion and other attributes? The answer is no. 

There are many challenges on the road to success. Students have to start from the basics. And then go on to dictation for class 11. Yes, every grade has a different set of words to remember. But once the student goes to grade 11. Everything gets a little too much to handle. 

Interestingly, it is not always the case. As in the child or student could feel intimated and worried. But not necessarily in all the steps of the contest. For that, teachers and parents play an equal role. Very important role indeed. 

They have to make sure about certain aspects. Some of them are mentioned below in detail. 

Phase 1: Practicing Ideas for Individuals

Students can work around spellings alone or in a group. Being the only one, parents can inculcate the following strategies to make the child feel comfortable. 

  • Reading Enriches Vocabulary 

Reading is one of the best ways to enrich vocab. For that make sure that the student has a habit of reading. Not always something related to the coursebook. Reading circles help in building the habit of completing few books every month. What happens when your child reads more? First of all, he learns new words. He also gets to know the usage. And he knows the spellings unconsciously. To improve diction making a list of new and interesting words is quite helpful. Another trick to learn spellings faster is to make another list of words with difficult spellings. Reviewing it after every few hours will give an additional benefit. 

  • Weekly Spellings 

Adding words to either list (new words and those with difficult spellings) is mandatory. But more than that, it is about learning the spelling, right? Being a teacher for more than two decades, I always asked my students to set milestones. Yes, weekly spellings to learn. Then monthly spelling list to follow. All these constitute making the student confident. When it comes to making a list of different words. Students should be given daily quizzes. Taking out extra sessions with the spelling bee contestants is always helpful. 

  • Learning Spelling in the “Spelling Bee Format”

Learning spelling may become easy after some time. It is mainly because you have honed the skills of getting the root letters, syllables, and whatnot! But the question that may bother you as a contestant is: “Is this how spelling is asked in the competition?” Well, it is an absolutely legit question. The answer to this question is easy. You should follow three main principles. 

  • Say the word 
  • Keep the picture of the word in mind 
  • Trace it with fingers 

Training students about how to figure out means of remembering the spell is pretty crucial. Then, once the student has learned the spelling. A quick test must take place. However, this should occur in the spelling bee format. 

  • Practicing Words Via Writing 

After memorizing the spelling, it would be best if students write it down. It will let them be their own teacher. Checking spellings after writing is the best way to learn spelling without anyone’s help. 

  • Learn Spelling Rules 

Spelling always has rules. Knowing rules by heart will make it easy for you to spell. To practice this strategy, students can make a list of spelling that fall under the same exceptional or common rules. 

In case your students are sure about making it to the regional, then state, and in the end national competition. You being the teacher or parent should get a good dictionary to learn from. 

Phase 2: How to Practice Spelling Only a Few Days Before the Spelling Bee 

Knowing that spelling words are given in the form of lists. Students should be aware of the word count in each list. Well, there are between 100 and 120 words in each list. And mostly, are arranged from the easy to complex or difficult words. 

Another strategy to put forward for practice is through words with silent letters. Mostly, the lists with silent first letters remain focused. However, there are words with no double or double consonants. Remembering that list is also important. 

Extra Assistance for Perfect Spelling

Last but not least, it is essential for the teachers to train students with all the necessary tricks. They can create a toolbox for the students. In those toolboxes, teachers can add books with different words. Mainly with the list of words. There can be more than 600 words with different spelling rules, tips, and tricks to make sure that the student aces in the competition

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