The beauty of flowers is such that one can never stop talking about flowers. There are so many things to talk about flowers, their beauty, their uses, blooming time and what not? We send flowers to noida as symbols of love.  Besides being a perfect gift for us; flowers have also been regarded as a nice topic for poetries and that is why many poets have described the charm of flowers through the beauty of rhymes in their poems. Let us get to know more about a few of them.

Daffodils by William Wordsworth regarded as one of the best and one of the most famous poems of English romanticism. The Daffodils is a lovely description of witnessing the blooms of Daffodils in abundance while they danced along with the wind blowing. Thus, tossing their heads and making it a beautiful sight to look at.

Tulips Sylvia Plath- the poet says that tulips are very excitable especially in the winter and she said that she is learning peacefulness from the lovely blooms of the tulips and learning how to live by herself quietly. Thus, not being worried about all that is happening around her and experiencing tranquillity.

My lily flower by Martin Antonio

This is a beautiful flower poem that tells about the poet’s eagerness to see the Lily Bloom and spread its beauty! He said that the flower has yet not bloomed and he waters it regularly in the hope that it will grow soon and would not face any problem while growing and the day when it grows, it will eliminate all the pain and bring a smile to his face.

The soul of sunflower by Sara Jewett

In this poem, the poet describes the passion of the sunflower for its lover- Sun. It talks about how the rays of the Sun embrace the flower and how the flower follows the movement of control of the day. Thus, describing the relation between the sun and the flower in a beautiful manner.

Hydrangeas by Keath Wilson- the poet describes the site of the hues of hydrangeas as they are visible from the window. It is a hot and humid day and the vivid and vibrant blue colour of the hydrangeas make them stand out by making them look so beautiful. Apart from this, there are pink hydrangeas as well.

Roses by George Elliot- Talking about the beauty of roses, the writer wishes that the sky would someday rain roses instead of water; so that the valley grows pink and white along with the colour of roses and becomes soft to walk on, along with the sweet fragrances. You too can impress your dear ones with the charm of roses by placing an online Red Roses order.

Lavender farm trip by Marilyn Lott- In this poem, the poet is talking about his visit to the lavender farm and he tells about his experience over there that it was not at all astonishing for him to see the beauty of lavenders there that mesmerized him.

Lotus by Rabindranath Tagore- The celebrated Indian poet from Bengal wrote about the lovely Bloom Lotus;  he says when they went, he had been looking at a Lotus that had bloomed. His mind was thinking about something and he said that at that moment his mind was empty just like a basket and there was nothing else in it besides the beauty of the flower.

Dandelion by Alice- This is a sweet poem in which the poetess talking to the sweet dandelion is telling that the winds have carried away the seeds of Dandelion. Although the poet never wished for the seeds to land upon her yet she has been blessed with the beauty of dandelions on her and she is talking to the flower about the fact that winds take away its seeds.

The last chrysanthemum by Thomas Hardy- Written in a beautiful style this poem starts with questioning about the late-blooming season of the lovely chrysanthemums. The poet said that the perfect time for the chrysanthemums to bloom is right now when Robins would be singing around when the sun would be shining bright during the summers and the men would need beauty around them in order to avoid feeling lonely.

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