Each corner of the country and the world has entered the modern era. More people are being aware of the latest trend and following them. Earlier the scenario of a perfect home could only be seen on the television. Only a handful of people could afford to style their homes with the latest designs and amenities. However, with the growth in urbanization, people have shifted their standard of living and are progressing towards a better life with a desire to reap maximum benefit from their property. 

There are several ways to style your home. A variety of décor pieces can be used to deck up your space. However, all the accessories that you use to style your home can make a difference only if the job on the walls is done well. Empty walls of the home do not interest us. We all know that colour is very important in our life to refresh us and soothe us. But before we could plan to paint our homes with the colours we like, it is very crucial to use the Asian paint primer on the walls for a smooth finish. This will help upgrade the appearance of the wall making it look soft and cozy.

Follow the Styling Secret

We spend time decorating our home. Sometimes we work hours together to get that look we need. However, it is a challenge to achieve a flawless look but not impossible. The Asian royale play design can help transform your space completely when paired with the right accessories and the apt pieces of furniture paired together. The following are some secrets that you need to know if you are keen on the décor of your space – 

Colour blocking – Colour blocking your favourite space in your home will add a touch of glam to the whole set-up. Sometimes, it seems that painting the entire room with a single colour may not be appealing. However, you can match the colour of your paint with a furniture piece that you like. You can also use a complementary hue to create a stunning display. This technique also makes the room engaging. While trying out colour blocking ensure that the colours you choose do not overwhelm the space spoiling the entire décor.

Pain the Door Trim – When you are indulged in painting your living area, why not add some paint to the doorways. This is an amazing way to get a sophisticated look along with making the space feel artsy. It improves the décor of the entrance adding colour and life to it.

Create Geometric Accent Wall – Creating an accent wall is an amazing way to grab everyone’s attention towards that part of the wall. You can style your wall by incorporating various colours with random geometric patterns. This will add multiple colours to your space giving a glamorous look.

Addition of Multiple Design Elements – If you are so obsessed with various colours and want all the colours in your room, painting with different colours is not the only solution. You can choose to paint the walls by picking up two colours and complement them with other accessories like cushions, a rug, curtains or bed sheets.  

Three toned Vertical Paintwork – This is the best way to add a modern touch to your room. It also displays your creativity. In this design, you can divide the wall into two major parts and one smaller one. Paint the upper surface of the wall with your favourite colour. Pick up the hues that are contrasting to that colour and paint the lower part. Incorporate any complementary colour in the middle part. This makes your wall look sleek and creative.

Decorate your home by using these techniques and make your space look modern and elevated.