If you have just spent a good amount of time investing, preparing, and exhibiting at a trade show, there is a good chance that near the end of the show you just want to pack up and go home. Now, I don’t blame you for that. You’ve spent months preparing for this and just spent a few grueling days talking with clients and visitors and you want to wrap it up. While this might seem like an incentivizing option, there are so many benefits that come from staying until the final day of the trade show. You may be thinking that everyone would be gone by now and that you are just wasting your time by staying open, but trust me – there are many good things that come to those who wait until the last day of their trade show experience. 

Visitors Often Double Back

Trade shows are typically around three to five days from start to finish. That is actually a relatively short amount of time, despite the fact that it might have seemed pretty long because of the long days and the immense amount of effort that was put into the entire experience. Making the most of your limited amount of time will be crucial but people who attend the trade show often think the same thing. When someone first arrives at one of these events, it is typical that they take it all in at first. These events can be overwhelming with all the displays for a trade show and the sheer amount of people that are all in one place. But if you make an impression on someone within that first day, they are likely to revisit your booth towards the end of the show. And if you pack up and are gone, they will have no one to talk to when they have doubled back to get a better insight on your company than they got on their first day when they were still trying to take it all in. 

Less Booth Traffic

It is no secret that, yes, there are typically less people that attend the final day of a trade show. It is true that it is slowing down but that can often be used to your advantage. Take advantage of the more one-on-one time that you get to have with people visiting your booth. Take the time to really engage in a meaningful conversation with them that you wouldn’t have been able to have on the first day because you were trying to touch base with as many people as you could. When you have less traffic, you have more of an opportunity to be able to dive into what makes your company stand out and give these last minute stragglers something to really remember and hold on to. 

Take Advantage of the Entire Time

You never know who could walk through those doors at the last minute. It is imperative for you to take advantage of every second you spend in this experience. You worked so hard, and put so much effort into even getting to the point. Make your preparation count by being positive up until the last minute of the show. It definitely does not look the best to call it quits early and that can lead to less favorable impression than you would want to give off. It will benefit you in the long run to hang in there until the show is truly over. You never would want to give up an opportunity or a potential client because you wanted to pack up early. Stick it out and make the most of your time there and make all of your preparation and the money you spent truly count.