The keys to business success rarely change over the years, but the pathway to growing a business and bringing in substantial revenues has certainly evolved dramatically in recent times. Years ago, there were a couple of tried-and-true ways of getting your business name and products in front of the marketplace. Designing and placing a prominent yellow pages ad was a great start. Opening a location in a high traffic area was another way to increase visibility. Writing a column for the major area newspaper was one of the best steps that a smart entrepreneur would take.

Times have changed dramatically, and today’s companies find themselves immersed in a battle for visibility in an increasingly crowded and dynamic online world. You have to have a presence in the key portals where potential customers first come looking for your products or company. Many individuals being their search for product solutions and answers on Google. Having a winning ad presence there can be the difference between an invisible business and true presence and rewarding success.

Choose Your Keywords Wisely

When you are looking to embark on a Google Ad campaign, you’ll want to make sure you invest a significant amount of time identifying and specifying the keywords you want to target. This is a core requirement if you want to see google ads success that will help your business grow and prosper.

You can use the Keyword Planner to explore the different ways your target audience might find you. This tool will show you a range of phrases associated with your selected keyword, and will also specify the competition levels and average monthly volume of searches. The Keyword Planner also lets you segment the keyword stats by geography.

Pay Attention to Match Types and Negative Keywords

It’s also important to give adequate attention to match types, and to the use of negative keywords. The four types of matches are broad, broad match modifier, exact match and phrase match. Google provides a very detailed explanation of these. New clients might start with a broad match, then narrow the focus as the campaign unfolds.

Negative keywords can also be a very important part of an ad campaign. With these, you can fine tune the focus of your marketing to eliminate searches that are not a good match for your company or product lines.

Tailor Your Ad Copy and Landing Pages to the Keywords You Are Using

Google calculates a score that helps map the searcher’s intent to the “quality” of the specific advertising you are providing. This quality score is enhanced when your ads contain the keywords being searched for. With a higher Google score, you elevate your chances of moving to a higher position and may lower your cost per click too.

As part of their analysis, Google also scans the landing page that is associated with your ad campaign. You’ll want the HTML on your landing page to use that specific keyword. Google is looking for relevance and the right match to what the user searched on, which helps assure a positive user experience. 

If you are looking to promote your business and build immediate traffic, a Google Ad campaign could be the answer. With this marketing medium, you’ll be able to target users based on their keyword searches, and even their geography.