wall murals Melbourne
wall murals Melbourne

Street art today has become a powerful tool of change, transforming the way we look, view, and stay in cities. It is no longer considered as rejected as merely as notorious graffiti or vandalism. Rather, it has become a source of pride for the cities, a form of public artistry, and outdoor engagement in cities all over the world.  

Street murals that are strategically placed by the side of a building or under the bridge or on the exterior walls of your nearby community center, not only help to beautify the neighborhood, but also can serve as a return of investment for commerce. Moreover, a traveler who sights wall art on the street of a city gets a thorough insight into the city’s social, cultural, and political dynamics along with the artistic aesthetics of the particular place and its people.  

The evolution of Street Art transforming a city  

Street Art, which was once a counterculture, displayed over social margins, has through the decades has evolved many times to be included as a viable form of public art that has immense powers to contribute to the success of the communities and businesses as well in the eve-changing urban scenario of the present times.  

Now, there lays a big question to be answered – How commissioned art can aid in districts and companies to thrive, what is the future vision and hope for the artists and businesses that have been working together towards a common goal? 

The public processes to curate art may cost more time and money to curate the art itself, resulting in great new pieces of art. We may have become complacent with abundant and boring, bland and neglected commercial properties and infrastructures around us. But, the opportunity for communities, their residents, the tourists, all businesses, and for the cities is just huge. From its economy to its safety, from its wellbeing to the pride of the community, art is a must, and not just be restrained to luxury. It should be accessible to everyone.  

How can Street Art transform business and communities? 

Before there used to be wall murals Melbourne, the spaces were mere binge boxes. This is termed as space–making in the urban system of planning. Street Art is here to bring out people back by creating experiences, both physically and digitally.  

Wall murals have the power to change the image of a community and businesses and with technologies like QR codes, or image recognition software, it creates immense opportunities for businesses to promote themselves.  

What for the future? How is the vision developing? 

Melbourne has turned out to be one of the largest street artist hubs. You can browse and hire artists to create authentic art on the exterior and interior walls, utility and traffic control boxes, lamp posts, street furniture, and perhaps everywhere.  

By showing that we care about wall art, Melbourne can have the largest inventory of street art sponsors and can run campaigns with a focus on the values and connect with customers through the most authentic, experienced, and caring piece of art. With these intentions, art will become the default love, without any expectations, everywhere and for always, beautifying the city with its pride and renaissance. 


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